New Book Backed by Vote with Power LLC Shows How Voters Will Gain Power Over Politics

RICHLAND, Mich., Sept. 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Through an inspirational look at the current state of America’s political landscape, the author explores ways which American citizens can work individually and together to make alterations to the United States Government.

With practical insight that prepares readers to take action by learning from, "Vote With Power! How Voters Can Change our Government" shares with readers how citizens can be a voice for their nation and make it a better place.

The readers will learn about a unique concept and organizational structure to take power away from political parties and big money!

The author explains in detail how a new process will create a communications loop between members of congress and their constituents, the voters. This will be a state-by-state organization. The voters will have input through surveys, questionnaires and focus groups. Their questions, answers, and concerns will be shared with their representatives.

The voters will also receive quarterly voting records and performance reviews on their elected representatives. This will make it easier to know who to vote for in the next election. This will eliminate the need for term limits.

This new voter influence will get elected officials to quit playing politics and solve America’s problems.

Citizens who are angry with the government and frustrated with not having any means to change our political landscape can now act. From this book, Voters will get information on how they can unite, in a non-partisan way, with others to help save American democracy and their freedom.

"Vote With Power" is a groundbreaking book, unlike any other, to help voters make sure their vote counts. How they can be heard, informed, answered, respected and represented. This book can be purchased from Amazon, Barnes and most bookstores.

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