New Book by Daring Author Gretchen Wollert to Redefine Two American Icons!

LINGLE, Wyo., March 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — 70+ million Americans are seeking relevance and legitimacy for the last 4 years—Born to Fight: Lincoln & Trump will help them find it! And provide overwhelming evidence that #16 & #45 are actually two of a kind in many respects!

Until you line up Donald Trump next to one of America’s greatest presidents, Abraham Lincoln, you have only partial grasp of what makes him tick. This may be history’s boldest presidential comparison! Evident on hundreds of levels (10 chapters worth) including the times in which they governed, both Lincoln and our 45th president are revealed with such startling resemblance, yet with the clarity to spark renewed or even novel appreciation for these deceptively kindred American originals.

Absurdity of the opposition party plagued both centuries and both presidents with frustrating regularity. But despite the obvious fighting throughout their tenures in office, both were incredibly effective and memorable leaders!

Four years in the making, Born to Fight is the calm in the storm (or the fan for the flame!) It dares to bring together two apparent opposites, put them through the meat grinder of history and public perception, and bring them back out the other side to reveal two political icons amazingly alike.

Brand-new author Gretchen Wollert ( is determined to provide the fair assessment our 45th president deserves and seeks to reveal the real Abraham Lincoln in the process. Born to Fight reveals the men behind the myths in a most enjoyable biographical read.

Born to Fight: Lincoln & Trump is published by Cedar Fort, Inc. on and

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