New Book Updates and Upends Conventional Belief in Cause of Climate Change

INDIAN RIVER, Fla., July 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The recent discovery of a multi-hundred-year dual-magnetic wave “double-dynamo” cycle within the sun that drives changes in earth’s cloud-cover and the amount of solar heat reflected away from earth is the-newly-recognized-cause-of-current-global-warming-and climate-change. Experienced energy analyst Edward Rouse Pryor states in the just-released (2023) BriefBook, Oooppps! Climate Change Misconceptions, that “Our understanding of science grows and evolves, often rather sporadically, as the human understanding of factors surrounding the subject develop and expand.” The discovery of this multi-hundred-year solar magnetic cycle, along with the recent recognition that greenhouse gas emissions are not powerful enough to cause the global warming scientists have been witnessing and worrying about, has struck the final death-blow to the widely-believed but not scientifically verified postulation that human-induced greenhouse gas emissions are the cause of global warming and climate change.

A good example of evolving science is the change in human understanding of the science of gravity: from Aristotle, who postulated that heavy objects fall faster than light objects (and demonstrated that with a feather and a small iron bar); to Galileo Galilei, who almost 2000-years later, dramatically demonstrated that light and heavy objects fall at the same rate (with a wooden ball and an iron ball). Later contributions by Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, and others, all materially changed and expanded our understanding of the science of gravity.

Back in 1997, an inner-core of well-meaning climate scientists proposed that greenhouse gas emissions are likely to be the cause of global warming mainly because they could see no other possible cause—and soon that tentative and still unconfirmed supposition became the popular presumption among much of the climate change interested community—including many peripheral scientists. Ideology-driven environmentalists began to call it “the scientific consensus.” However the scientific consensus can never be a substitute for, or a basis for, scientific verification. The scientific consensus is simply an assessment of the scientific conventional wisdom of the time.

Albert Einstein said, The only irrefutable law of physics is the second law of thermodynamics…,” which says, in effect: It takes more energy to separate water into hydrogen and oxygen than you will get back by combining the two in a fuel cell or gas turbine.  This means other unconfirmed scientific postulations such as greenhouse-gas-emissions-cause-climate-change, are subject to scientific scrutiny, updating, and upending.

A four-decade USA funded massive scientific investigation by thousands of scientists, costing over two-hundred-billion dollars, has failed to confirm that human-induced greenhouse gas emissions are the cause of climate change. Instead, the recently discovered multi-hundred-year solar dual-magnetic wave cycle combined with the earth’s changing cloud cover that it drives, has emerged as the much more scientifically-fitting and almost certain cause of current global warming and climate change.

The changing proximity of the sun to the earth as a result of the earth’s elliptical rotational path around the sun, is the cause of the very long-term (up to 100,000-year) changes in earth’s climate—evidenced by earth’s long-term genial to glacial stages.

Three other more minor causes of changing global temperature—changing heat irradiance from the sun; changing atmospheric and oceanic circulatory patterns; and the most trivial of all—increasing quantity of trace greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide in the atmosphere fall into the category of climate-noise and are not important enough to be considered consequential sustained climate change causes.

It is magnetic changes within the sun that influence the extent of earth’s cloud cover, and the amount of solar heat reflected away from earth; not greenhouse gas emissions, that cause recent consequential global warming and climate change.

“This exceptional book completely modifies the climate change picture from what most of us have been led to believe,” said Vernon Rausch, Principal Cloud Architect, Hewlett Packard Enterprises.   

The analysis described here is more thoroughly characterized in the new (2023) BriefBook, Oooppps! Climate Change Misconceptions, written by Edward Rouse Pryor, an experienced engineering and scientific energy analyst, and author of the acclaimed The Climate Change Illusion, published in 2020.


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