New Candidate for U.S. President Wants to Shrink Economy Will Declare National Emergency to Get Out of Overshoot

Will Declare National Emergency to Get Out of Overshoot

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., Sept. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A new candidate has entered the presidential race, declaring, “I’m willing to tell you what no other presidential candidate dares – the truth: we’re in a global and national emergency, more serious than any crisis we’ve ever faced. To get out of that emergency, we need to contract our economy and population.”

Dave Gardner announced on September 6 his candidacy for U.S. President in the 2024 election. A live Campaign Launch Webcast is planned for September 19. Public and press are invited to attend and ask questions.

Gardner promises to launch a “National Project to Get the U.S. Out of Ecological Overshoot.” He explains ecological overshoot means people are demanding more from Earth than she can sustainably provide year after year, and the people of the U.S. are demanding more than their share. Dave Gardner warns, “Continued business as usual will result in a dead planet.”

“The heart of the matter,” explains Dave, “is our blind faith in the goodness of growth everlasting. GDP growth has become our Holy Grail, but there is no pot of gold at the end of the growth rainbow. There is unaffordable housing; rising food, water and energy prices; species extinction; resource conflicts; and a very unfriendly climate. The planet just can’t handle a robust economy serving 8 billion people.”

Gardner says society has a moral obligation to leave the children of the world a planet worth inheriting. “Future generations deserve a chance to live decent lives – with clean air and water, and a life-friendly climate.”

So, his administration will shrink the U.S. footprint – by contracting the material throughput of the economy, putting the nation on an energy diet, and ethically and voluntarily contracting the population that is demanding that energy and consuming that throughput.

Dave serves as executive director of the nonprofit GrowthBusters project (which is not involved in the campaign). Through his GrowthBusters documentary, short films, the GrowthBusters podcast, and his local and global activism, Gardner has for years been pointing out the unsustainability of perpetual growth. His political experience is limited to a run for Colorado Springs City Council in 2009. His “growth isn’t the answer” campaign garnered 43% of the votes against a well-funded incumbent.

Full platform information, description of the National Project, photos, campaign updates, and registration for the September 19 live launch webcast can be found at Journalists can sign up to receive an advance look at the campaign launch video, which will premiere on September 19. Gardner is available for interviews and guest appearances.

CONTACT: Dave Gardner (719) 600-2742

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