New Canine Temperament Symbols are Designed to Put Dog Owners, Communities and the White House More at Ease, While Helping Other Pets in Need

SANTA MONICA, Calif., April 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — After several years researching and evolving different methodologies, a simple set of 3 symbol tags can now make pet owners and those they encounter more at ease.

These three universal symbols identify the dog’s likely temperament and communicate the owner or handlers wishes without saying a word. Visible from up to 30 feet away, the two-inch tags can be easily attached to a dog’s collar. Each tag is distinguished by a unique color and shape so they are able to communicate quickly without confusion.

Developed with input from pet owners, insurance companies, dog trainers, veterinarians, apartment owners and community representatives, the tags are easily understood by everyone from young children to senior citizens so that encountering an unknown dog is much less stressful for passersby and the dog’s owner or handler.

The octagonal red symbol means the dog’s owner does not wish passersby to approach the animal as the dog could be aggressive to other dogs or people. The yellow triangle tag means the dog’s owner wants to be asked permission before someone approaches because the dog could have issues with other dogs or people. The green circle means the dog is no threat to people or other animals and no permission needs to be asked to approach the dog. They also contain a distinct reflective strip for better night or low light visibility.

Retailing for just $5.99, part of the cost of each tag goes to the ASPCA and the Humane Society so consumers are not only helping their community and neighbors by using the K9 temperament tags they are helping other pets in need.

Every year it is estimated there are nearly 5,000,000 dog bites in the US, with almost 20% of them needing some medical attention at a cost over half a billion dollars annually. These tags will help reduce unneeded incidents and help children, joggers, seniors, pets, and even Presidents more peacefully coexist.

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