New Poll Finds Majority of Americans Surveyed Voters are Open to Socialism

Socialist Jerome Segal Would Tie Donald Trump

WASHINGTON, Oct. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A new poll by John Zogby and Associates shows bread and roses socialist, Jerome Segal, who is challenging Joe Biden for the Democratic nomination, tying Donald Trump by 40% to 39%.

The poll, commissioned by “2024-Segal for President,” has a margin of error: +/- 3.2%.

Segal’s support came from a strong anti-Trump vote, but also from a positive reaction among Americans to bread and roses socialism, a new version of socialism that Segal developed.

Rather than the classic socialist objective of ending private ownership of the means of production, bread and roses socialism seeks equal ownership of corporate stock and “shrinking capitalism” in our lives through simple living and economic policies that enable the 3-day workweek by lowering the cost of meeting basic needs.

The poll showed widespread interest in deep cultural and economic transformation. 24% of Americans said they would need to know more, but among those who expressed an opinion about bread and roses socialism, 62% of Americans say they “love it or like it,” and 38% say they “dislike it or hate it.”

Of those Democrats who expressed an opinion, 84% say they “love it or like it” and a mere 16% say they “dislike or hate it.”

The American Dream: 

Voters were asked if they believed “it is time we re-thought what we should mean by The American Dream. 54% said yes, 30% said no. 

Asked what version of The American Dream best reflected their aspirations, 69% said:

“Having enough income to live a relatively modest, but decent and secure life, and then have lots of leisure to pursue the things in life that are most meaningful.”

16% aspired to live in the top 10% or more.

15% said they aspired to be able to “possess anything you want.” 

Re-thinking the mission of schools and childhood:

The poll asked voters to respond to the follow statement about our culture:

“. . . Most parents look to schools to better enable their child to succeed in the competition for good and secure jobs. But collectively this reasonable desire from American parents only makes the competition more intense.

“It’s like everyone standing on tiptoe to see better at a parade. It doesn’t increase the number of good jobs. . . . Under the current system, all we’re getting is stress on our kids, and schools moving away from really important areas such as history, the humanities and the arts.” 

A striking 60% of Americans somewhat agreed or strongly agreed, and only 26% disagreed or strongly disagreed. Of those who offered an opinion, 70% of Americans agreed somewhat or strongly.

The poll also asked about specific policies from Segal’s bread and roses agenda:

All voters

All Voters

All Voters


“Support or strongly support”

“Oppose or strongly oppose”

“Support or strongly support” (of those expressing an opinion)

“Support or strongly support” (of those expressing an opinion)

Zero interest Mortgages for building small and tiny homes so one can be mortgage-free in 10 years

55 %

22 %

71 %

89 %

Greater equality of outcomes. Gradual re-distribution of wealth to equalize household ownership of corporate stock.

45 %

39 %

54 %

79 %

Manufacturing very low-cost electric vehicles, even if we need a government owned company to do it. Then   subsidize them and sell to low-income families for $3000, thus reducing the need for income and labor time.

48 %

30 %

63 %

84 %

Making gasoline a public utility; fighting inflation by price controls.

50 %

33 %

60 %

83 %

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