New Report from Public Safety Canada Features Orbis Partners’ Gender-Responsive Interventions

OTTAWA, ON, Dec. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Incorporating Gender-Based Analysis into Crime Prevention, was recently published by Public Safety Canada, a department of the federal government responsible for the security and safety of Canadians, author Shelley Brown, Ph.D., and colleagues. The research report evaluates the steady increase of females involved in the criminal justice system, along with programs that work with justice-involved women. Orbis Partners, a Canadian-based mental health firm, was one of the organizations that was featured for its effectiveness in treating at-risk females.

The report reveals the nature and prevalence of gender-based crime, analysis of violent behavior and interventions for females, and provides recommendations for implementing gender-based interventions. Brown mentions, “Our systematic review revealed that programs that integrate gender-responsive principles, match the amount of intervention to risk level, target crime-causing needs, and use interventions that are firmly grounded in social learning theory, generate the greatest reductions in re-offending.”

Orbis Partners has developed several interventions specifically for justice-involved girls and women. The research analysis examines various evidence-based programs with two of those being provided by Orbis: Moving On and Collaborative Case Work for Women (CCW-W). A study featuring Moving On looks at the difference between high and low fidelity participants. When compared, the high and low fidelity members’ recidivism rates were reduced by 44% and 47%, respectively. Moreover, the CCW-W study revealed re-arrest rates for one-year were lower in the CCW-W group (31.6%) vs. non-participants (42.5%), translating into a 25.6% reduction.

According to Marilyn Van Dieten, Ph.D., Orbis Director of Program Implementation & Development, “This paper consolidates the available research about services that have the most favorable impact on justice-involved females. We now have a better understanding of the principles that guide the development and delivery of effective gender-responsive policies and practices.”

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