New Website Is Trying to Fix 120 Democracies

The MOP-UP system is designed to get money out of politics and make politicians accountable to everyone.

LAS VEGAS, Oct. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Democracies have been losing out to autocracies around the world. On Monday 23 October, Advanced Product Development LLC of Las Vegas, Nevada introduced a new website and a system called MOP-UP. M-O-P stands for “MONEY OUTTA POLITICS.” By eliminating elections, MOP-UP is designed to avoid money in politics, misinformation, partisanship, division, gridlock, politicians spending more than half their time fundraising and selling influence, and foreign interference.

MOP-UP is also designed to motivate politicians more than people in industry. If politicians don’t keep their approval rating over 50%, they are all out. This is intended to make all politicians work together since their future is dependent on each other. In industry you can’t fire everyone like you can in government where political staff still remain that know how the system works and do the work anyway.

If any politician isn’t pulling their weight they can be voted out by a simple majority of their peers.

Anyone can apply for a position and if they qualify, they are entered in a lottery and if they win, they are available to serve whenever needed.

Congress selects the two most promising presidential candidates and the state legislatures pick the two best candidates for governor. Then a survey is used to pick the winners. Anyone being surveyed will be asked to go to a website where they can read what characteristics make for a good president or governor, how the candidates compare and how they differ. Enough people will be surveyed to achieve the result as if there had been an election. All Americans of course can read about the candidates on the website.

Every two years Democrats, Republicans, and any other group that wants to participate can enter a plan for how the lottery will be administered, the qualifications to be accepted, how high politicians need to keep their approval rating to stay in office, etc. A survey is then done to see which group wins to administer the system for the next two years.

Politicians are also told to make decisions that maximize the benefit to everyone affected. No one is chosen based on their opinions or issues, which is intended to help pull the country back together.

The way to get politicians to adopt the new system is for everyone to VOTE THEM ALL OUT. Politicians have to adopt MOP-UP before the next election if they want to stay in office. Advanced Product Development LLC hopes that just news of the MOP-UP system will shock the House into working again.

It is intended that voters can bring in the new MOP-UP system by voting against all incumbents while knowing that their favorite candidates will still stay in office.

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