NightRide Thermal Partners with Bridger Aerospace Group Holdings to Equip Aerial Firefighting Aircraft with High-Resolution Thermal Cameras to Increase Situation Awareness

BROOKLYN, N.Y. and BOZEMAN, Mont., June 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — NightRide Thermal Inc., a leader in vehicle-mounted thermal cameras, today announced a partnership with Bridger Aerospace Group Holdings, Inc. (“Bridger” or “Bridger Aerospace”), one of the nation’s largest aerial firefighting companies, to supply Bridger with high-resolution thermal cameras to increase situational awareness during mission critical flights.

Various agencies, from the Oregon Department of Forestry, the US Forest Service and even NASA have developed early forest-fire detection systems based on infrared imaging, which can see nascent smoldering fires based on temperature differentials.

“NightRide is our new infrared camera supplier for the scooper IR project,” said Zach Hargrove, Engineering Program Manager at Bridger. “We integrated the Ranger model into our aircraft and have been very pleased with the results. Our flight testing has demonstrated excellent early detection and video capture using the NightRide Thermal camera.”

“From providing safe transport at night to war-zone medics, to protecting endangered African wildlife from poachers , to our latest partnership to aid pilots in increasing their ability to fly safely in challenging fire conditions, our cameras have become essential in so many situations we never imagined, ” said Mary Ellen Kramer, CEO of NightRide Thermal Inc. “We’re very proud to contribute to Bridger’s efforts to combat fires more effectively and safely.”

The partnership with Bridger comes on the heels of an unusually early and devastating wildfire season in Canada where, as of publication date, more than 400 wildfires are currently burning in Canada’s forests with more than 2,000 wildfires having occurred already in Canada this year. The total area burned is larger than the Netherlands.

Bridger operates six water bombing Super Scoopers, often in challenging terrain and environmental conditions. The advantages of using thermal imaging with a wide field of vision, high mobility, and fast speed offer pilots a tactical advantage to fly safely through low visibility conditions. Taking advantage of NightRide Thermal’s technology can also detect new hotspots during the transition to and from the scoop and drop site. “The application of the NightRide Thermal cameras will greatly bolster pilot confidence and their ability to fly safer.

Bridger’s distinctive red and yellow Super Scooper fleet consists of De Havilland CL-415EAF aircraft that are emblematic of nimble and strategic forest fire fighting. The CL-415EAF “Super Scooper” is an amphibious aircraft that skims the surface of a body of water to scoop water into onboard tanks to drop on fires. Super Scoopers can scoop up to 1,412 gallons of water in approximately 12 seconds. With 90% of wildfires within 20 miles of a major water source Scoopers can be deployed to readily to assist firefighters on the ground.

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Bridger provides aerial wildfire surveillance, relief and suppression and aerial firefighting services to federal and state government agencies, including the United States Forest Service, across the nation using next-generation technology and environmentally friendly and sustainable firefighting methods. Our mission is to save lives, property and habitats threatened by wildfires, leveraging our high-quality team, specialized aircraft and innovative use of technology and data. We are meeting an underserved and growing need for next-generation full-service aerial firefighting platforms. For more information, visit

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NightRide Thermal is a leader in vehicle-mounted thermal cameras, enabling reliable visibility and identification of animals, people, and risks in darkness, smoke, and low-visibility conditions. NightRide products offer a range of mounting options, features, and price points. Made in NYC, NightRide’s cameras serve daily drivers, public safety, emergency management, government, security, utilities, wildlife-control, sporting and defense. For investment information, visit


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