NueGOV Public Safety Manages Assets, Equipment, Fleet and Training

GOLDEN, Colo., June 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — NueGOV Public Safety has been released and is being used by the Colorado Department of Public Safety to manage equipment, fleet, and other assets through a cloud-based platform. The software streamlines several agency processes and compiles data into one secure, convenient location for easy reporting,

"I wish this would have been available while I was still working in a role to make the most of its capabilities," said Retired Captain Gaylon Grippin of Colorado State Patrol. "I don’t mind saying, I’m just a bit jealous of how much easier it would have made many of my duties. Asset and people tracking made simple."

The software is built to be used across public safety agencies, including law enforcement and police departments, state and local fire departments, correction agencies, natural resources divisions, and wildlife agencies. Each division can license the SaaS product or it can be purchased state or department-wide within that agency.

NueGOV Public Safety solves age-old department problems like data silos and eliminates traditional limitations of spreadsheets and manual processing. More specifically, it offers valuable features designed to help modernize public safety agencies:

  • Track asset assignment: Equipment, uniforms, fleet and weapons tracking: upload or input information into the system to know where assets are assigned
  • Asset lifecycle planning: visualize which assets need to be replaced based on age or condition each year.
  • Budget forecasting: Managers and accountants can schedule planned costs to replace all necessary assets each year and provide the most cost-effective replacement options.
  • Track training and certification: Beyond equipment, keep track of training schedules and renewals of CALEA or other certifications for staff to be in compliance.

NueGOV Public Safety was created on the same platform as the NueGOV transportation collaboration platform that is being used by state and local transportation agencies across the country. These software products were developed by Navjoy Inc., a Colorado-based technology company with over two decades experience working with government agencies.

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