NumberUSA Launches Network With French, Israeli, Hungarian Partners

ARLINGTON, Va., Jan. 23, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — NumbersUSA, the nation’s largest advocacy group focused solely on immigration, recently launched the International Network for Immigration Research (INIR) alongside French, Israeli, and Hungarian partner institutions.

“Across the developed world, policymakers too often emphasize the benefits of mass migration, while ignoring long-term economic and national security considerations,” said Eric Ruark, Director of Research and Public Relations at NumbersUSA. “The International Network for Immigration Research will help cultivate a more balanced understanding of both the benefits and drawbacks of migration among policymakers and the public at large.”

Signers of the INIR’s founding document include Eric Ruark of NumbersUSA; Viktor Marsai, Director of Hungary’s Migration Research Institute; Yonatan Jakubowicz, Founder of the Israeli Immigration Policy Center; Mark Krikorian, Director of the Center for Immigration Studies; and Nicolas Monti, Co-Founder of France’s Observatoire de l’immigration et de la démographie.

Through conferences and workshops, the INIR will examine how immigration impacts origin countries, transit countries, and destination countries. The INIR will publish a semi-annual English language, peer-reviewed journal on immigration studies. Members will also pursue joint research on topics related to transnational migration.

“Sovereign nations have the right to pursue and enforce their chosen immigration policies,” said Eric Ruark. “Through international cooperation, we can pursue a more pragmatic, data-based, coordinated approach to the global phenomenon of migration.”

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About NumbersUSA

NumbersUSA supports a balanced immigration system that welcomes the spouses and minor children of U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents, is responsive to acute refugee crises, attracts those with extraordinary ability and talents, addresses temporary labor shortages, protects the most vulnerable, and is enforced. NumbersUSA is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that believes better immigration policy is possible. Focused exclusively on immigration reform, NumbersUSA is America’s largest single-issue advocacy group with over 8 million grassroots members and supporters spread across every congressional district. Founded solely by Roy Beck in 1996 to promote civil debate on the immigration recommendations of the U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform — chaired by civil rights icon Barbara Jordan — NumbersUSA continues to advocate for sensible immigration policies that ensure Americans’ safety, promote economic fairness, while conserving the environment and quality of life.