Patrick Kilpatrick to Run for Governor of California

LOS ANGELES, July 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Critically acclaimed celebrity Patrick Kilpatrick announced his bid to be the next Governor of California. With the current establishment unable and unwilling to adapt to the needs of its citizens, the time is ripe for a change.

Mr. Kilpatrick is running as a Democrat in the recall election with a non-partisan, unity campaign. 

California is experiencing upsurges in crime, homelessness and corruption following the ineffective leadership of disgraced governor Newsom. Mr. Kilpatrick is pledging to restore the shine to the Golden State and bring back the values and industries that have fled in recent years.

"As a journalist, advertising writer, playwright, assistant director/director on Broadway, the West End of London, throughout films and TV the world over, as a screenwriter, movie and film finance developer, with teams of the best and brightest of a generation, we have delivered the goods. All around us, California citizens are not being well served – pushing away production and businesses of every type, sprawling homelessness and taxes, failed education, faux service to the environment, accelerating crime and undelivered equal justice," Kilpatrick said earlier today. "Our campaign is without partisanship, with authentic listening and driving solutions to halt California’s free fall."

His announcement could not have come at a better time with many experts in the field predicting even worse hardships ahead for Californians. Those at the lowest income levels being hit the worst.

To stem the tide, Mr. Kilpatrick has adopted the following policies:

  • Hollywood back to California. Bring film/TV production, eco-sensitive industries – all those jobs back through greater incentives. Immediate implementation of 25% cash rebate for in-state spending for vetted film/TV media, video games, and photographic projects.
  • Elevate our schools by ensuring that funding reaches children’s programs and teachers. Our pre-K to community colleges should be the finest in the country.
  • Lower taxes. More money in the hands of Californians to increase choices for all.
  • Zero tolerance for crime with advanced police training and reform.
  • Eradicate homelessness by providing essential services and employment necessary.
  • Secure borders, equal justice for everyone – path to citizenship with fine for illegal entry.
  • Improve the environment for a better tomorrow. Federal/State subsidy for eco solar and wind power retrofitting, including Landlord installation subsidies. Statewide compliance of single use biodegradable utensils/packaging. Severe fines for industrial polluters. Drought tolerant plant mandates. Preferential water rates for organic agriculture and humane animal food production.
  • Highway expansion at gridlock chokepoints.
  • Private sector initiatives for design-worthy affordable housing.
  • 70% tax credit for revitalization and renovation of historic buildings – driving homeownership for the middle class and young families.
  • Creation of a large scale work force for fire forestry maintenance, recycling programs, beach clean up/ocean preservation, school, open space and highway beautification.

Patrick Kilpatrick is a veteran of 200+ films and hit TV shows, an accomplished actor, writer, and producer. He has worked with the some of the biggest names in the business including Steven Spielberg, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tom Cruise, James Cameron, Bruce Willis, Antoine Fuqua, Chow Yun-Fat, Naomi Watts, and many more. Kilpatrick is CEO of Uncommon Dialogue Films and a proud father of 2 grown sons. He is a world-recognized entertainment speaker, consultant, and teacher responsible for elevating hundreds of entertainment and media professionals. Kilpatrick has participated in hundreds of charities including veteran’s causes, the City of Hope hospital, and animal rescue initiatives.

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