Pison Stream Solutions Gains Approval for Coatings by U.S. Military Laboratory

NEW YORK, Aug. 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Pison Stream Solutions today announced that its White Type III Topcoat powder coating meets the newest United States military specification approval for CARC (chemical agent resistant coating) powder topcoats.  This prestigious designation officially places Pison on the U.S. Government’s Qualified Products Database by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) Army Research Laboratory, which manages, tests and qualifies manufacturers who can produce military specification coatings for U.S. military applications.

Getting an approval from the DoD on new coating specifications is a challenging and lengthy scrutinized government process. CARC applies to various military vehicles, tanks, personnel carriers, equipment transporters, and other military components and assets.  For a topcoat to be approved, it must be highly chemical resistant, absent of infrared detection and provide excellent durability properties. In addition, a CARC-designation means the materials are easily decontaminated after exposure to resist chemical and biological warfare agents and prevent infrared (IR) detection by enemy forces.  

“We are pleased and honored to be the first manufacturer to receive the Type III government approval for the CARC powder specification, which will help protect American military workers,” said CEO Joseph H James. “The validation by the Department of Defense and inclusion on their Qualified Products List (QPL) is a result of the hard work and dedication of our experts who have spent many years on research to develop innovative products and solutions to protect men and women in uniform and the public at large.”

Specifications for CARC powder coating primers and topcoats are issued by the U.S. Army Research Laboratory with the intent of increasing the military’s use of powder coatings on military vehicles and components conducting operations to safeguard our troops. The new regulations adhere to the US Environmental Protection Agency’s standards to decrease volatile organic compounds, volatile organic hazardous air pollutants and inorganic hazardous air pollutants. Pison’s corporate sustainability values and innovative product research and development (R&D) are aligned perfectly with this mission to create products that are more sustainable and effective for use by all members of the US Armed Forces.

Simultaneous to this accomplishment, Pison R&D has also developed a new surface cleaning platform that has been independently-verified to combat both bacterial and viral pathogens. Pison R&D is diligently seeking EPA Registration §18 Emergency Exemption for this new product to launch. This odorless, colorless cleaning solution could, with the requisite EPA approvals, be marketed for use in fighting the current global Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19) and also combat bacterial growth on surfaces. Potential applications for this new product can change the way you think about protecting vulnerable high-touch surfaces by providing a durable antimicrobial coating with lasting-protection. Pison R&D technology is designed to be well-suited for use across industrial, commercial, educational and home environments. This liquid super-durable cleaner is formulated for both hard surfaces (from metals to ceramics) and various fabrics (from cotton to leather). Pison’s surface cleaning technology is a complement to daily hygiene practices and not a substitute to hand-washing and common sense. Likewise, Pison advocates safety as a number one priority as they collectively pursue solutions to help our world in need.

About Pison (PSS)

Pison Stream Solutions (pronounced Pie´Sun) founded in 2010, is a multi-platform, highly engineered, innovative coatings and green technology, research and development corporation. Pison holds numerous USPTO Patents and continuously develops technologies for specialized niche coating markets. Pison is also dedicated to promoting workforce diversity. Furthermore, being led by committed diverse talent is critical to Pison achieving a corporate global mission focused on giving back to society—creating better product platforms that help solve critical needs today and tomorrow—with the environment and sustainability at the forefront. Pison’s other specialty coating platforms, in addition to military/defense coatings, include functional coatings, powder coating additive platforms, renewable energy coatings, and various antimicrobial research and development technologies. 

The Pison Stream Solutions corporation operates from their Centre of Expertise and R&D Laboratory in Greater Cleveland, Ohio and Pison Global Headquarters from One World Trade in New York City. To learn more, visit: www.pisonstreamsolutions.com.

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