Polling Shows Kent, Hageman, Collins, Sabatini and Allen Leading the Emerging National Narrative; Beutler, Cheney, and Price in Serious Trouble

LAS VEGAS, Dec. 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Today the Las Vegas polling firm SoCo Strategies announced the results of a multi-state poll, focused on a diverse sampling to look for current trends in the Republican primary landscape. The results demonstrate two emerging narratives.

Our polling showed that President Trump is a dominant force in Congressional Primaries across the country. Trump endorsed candidates Joe Kent and Harriet Hageman lead their anti-Trump incumbent opponents and Pro-Trump candidates Mike Collins and Anthony Sabatini lead their open primaries by double digits while another Pro-Trump candidate, Graham Allen, was tied in South Carolina with the incumbent.

Washington CD3 – Kent 40.92%, Beutler 29.16%, St. John 6.91%
Wyoming At Large – Hageman 38.64%, Cheney 18.80%
Georgia CD10 – Collins 25.59%, Broun 10.39%, Barr 8.10%, Curry 4.82%, McMain 3.52%
Florida CD7 – Sabatini 12.63%, Mills 3.90%, Benfield 3.59%
South Carolina CD7 – Rice 19.18%, Allen 18.54%, Fry 8.67%, Richardson 5.36%, Arthur 4.04%

"We selected diverse locations to see if the results would be consistent. The results demonstrate that regardless of geographic campaign, current sentiment is the same," says Zack Moyle, CEO of SoCo Strategies. "An endorsement from President Trump is almost paramount.  Voters support President Trump, and anti-Trump candidates are not faring well."

Being the anti-Trump candidate has left Jaime Herrera Beutler, Liz Cheney and Tom Rice little chance of winning their primaries. Cheney and Herrera Beutler’s challengers lead them by double and Tom Rice polls below 20% on the ballot test. Earlier this year anti-Trump candidate Rep. Anthony Gonzales decide to not seek re-election because of no path to victory in Ohio.

In the two open seats surveyed, the Pro-Trump candidates are dominating the field.  In the new Georgia 10th, trucking company executive Mike Collins an early Trump supporter who recently stated that "the time for compromise and civility is over," leads the field with 25.59% of the vote. In Florida 7th, State Representative Anthony Sabatini, also an early Trump supporter who recently stated that "every Republican who voted for the infrastructure bill must be eliminated," is dominating the early vote as the only candidate in double digits.

This report was specific to Republican primaries in red districts. It remains to be seen how the Trump endorsement might affect candidates in general election in swing seats, something we will take a look at in our next report. For now, one thing is clear, Trump’s endorsement does likely equal a victory in any Republican primary.

Three take-aways;

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