QU-in Positioned to Keep the Over 150 Million Expected Voters and Early Voters Safe During Election 2020

NEW YORK, Sept. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Today, QU-in announced that they are making their innovative virtual queueing software available to all states nationwide for free to help maintain safety for in-person voters and polling station volunteers this election. States need only pay pennies per voter, the cost of the SMS send, to use QU-in’s innovative solution. It only takes two days for counties to set up and be running.

“At QU-in we believe that everyone has a right to vote and should be able to exercise that right without worrying about their safety and wellbeing,” said Nick Fortunato, CMO of QU-in “Many people want to vote in-person and we’re thrilled we’re able to offer a safer solution for them to do that. Not many counties are set up to handle the expected crowds while safely maintaining social distancing. With QU-in people can wait anywhere they are comfortable and don’t have to physically stand in line to vote, potentially exposing them to risk.”

 How QU-in works:

  • Voters check the wait time online at their local polling station
  • Voters send an SMS to their local polling station to reserve a virtual place in line
  • Voters receive an SMS back with their place in line and approximate wait time
  • Workers at the polling stations call the next voters in through the QU-in app as voting booths become available

This video demonstrates the process: https://youtu.be/4UvGdQhCj7I

No voter information is stored or matched to any voting records. QU-in is not a voting mechanism, it is a solution to allow people to vote without having to physically stand on a line potentially exposing them to COVID-19.  This is not in competition with absentee voting or any other mail-in process, it is an additive solution to help maintain safety for what we expect will be a larger than usual in-person voting turnout this election.

QU-in is a New York based business co-founded by CEO Neil Parthasarathy and CMO Nick Fortunato.  With over 50 years of combined experience in healthcare and life sciences solutions, technology implementation, creative, sales and marketing. Their goal is to help businesses large and small operate and innovate while making the customer experience an experience again.

Contact: QU-in Communications
Phone: +1-866-532-0881


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