Recall Governor Gavin Newsom Roadtrip Boosted by Joe Collins

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Kicking off his Recall Road Trip against Governor Gavin Newsom, Joe Collins and partners 1776 Forever Free and Recall Gavin Newsom 2020 collected hundreds of signatures at the Los Angeles City Hall on Sunday. The South-Central LA native will be visiting the largest cities in the state of California in an effort to collect the remaining signatures to remove Newsom from office.

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The Navy Veteran was joined by hundreds of California residents whose lives have been drastically changed by Newsom’s inability to keep the state afloat. Regardless of political party or beliefs, people gathered in front of the municipal center to share the hardships they have faced ever since Newsom took office. For the past 2 years, California has had a rise in jobs leaving the state, failing schools, homelessness and crime. Newsom has mismanaged the state’s budget and has failed to be the leader the state and people need during a global pandemic. It’s time for change and a better leader.

Collins will continue his 28 day road trip all across the state of California, where residents will be able to start the initiative to recall Newsom. People will get to enjoy food vendors, live music and words of encouragement from Collins and his team as they promise Californians a better future.

Upcoming Dates

  • San Diego City Hall ○ Feb. 3rd12pm -2pm
  • Chula Vista City Hall ○ Feb. 6th12pm -2pm
  • Oceanside City Hall ○ Feb. 7th12pm -2pm
  • Irvine City Hall ○ Feb. 10th12pm -2pm
  • Los Angeles City Hall ○ Feb. 13th12pm -2pm
  • Long Beach City Hall ○ Feb. 14th12pm -2pm
  • Riverside City Hall ○ Feb. 17th12pm -2pm
  • Ventura City Hall ○ Feb. 20 – 12pm2pm
  • Ontario City Hall ○ Feb. 21 – 12pm2pm
  • Glendale City Hall ○ Feb. 2412pm -2pm
  • Bakersfield City Hall ○ Feb. 27th12pm -2pm
  • Fresno City Hall ○ Feb. 28th12pm -2pm
  • San Jose City Hall ○ March 3rd12pm -2pm
  • San Francisco City Hall ○ March 6th12pm -2pm
  • Sacramento City Hall ○ March 7th12pm -2pm

For more information on the campaign of Joe Collins for Congress, visit www, or follow him at:

Contact: Brittani Daniels
Deputy Campaign Manager

(310) 617-9974

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