Representative Josh Gottheimer Continues Bipartisan Momentum for Main Street Growth Act

CHICAGO, Feb. 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Dream Exchange is pleased to announce that Representative Josh Gottheimer of New Jersey’s 5th district has officially signed on as the newest sponsor of the Main Street Growth Act.  

Representative Gottheimer, a key figure in the Democratic Party, boasts a diverse and influential career that spans politics and business. Before making strides on Capitol Hill, Rep. Gottheimer honed his political acumen as a speechwriter for former President Bill Clinton, and he has also lent his expertise to the presidential campaigns of notable figures such as Wesley Clark, John Kerry, and Hillary Clinton

The growing bipartisan support for the Main Street Growth Act highlights a collective acknowledgment of the need to prioritize the financial health of America’s small businesses. This decisive action taken by Rep. Gottheimer sends a strong message about the commitment to ensure that the dreams of today’s entrepreneurs do not falter on the limitations of capital access. 

Not only has the total number of public companies declined by nearly 50% since the late 1990s, the number of small initial public offerings (IPOs) has also declined from 70-90% of the IPO market to just 20-30%, according to a white paper written by Joe Cecala and Ioannis Floros in 2018. 

Dream Exchange Founder and CEO Joe Cecala, articulated the significance of the legislation in a recent statement: 

“The Main Street Growth Act is more than just legislation; it’s a catalyst that promises to ignite the full potential of America’s entrepreneurial spirit,” said Mr. Cecala. “Access to capital is the lifeblood of business innovation and growth. With this Act, we’re not simply leveling the playing field; we’re fostering an environment where the best and brightest can succeed. I commend Representative Gottheimer for his sponsorship, which underscores a shared vision for an economy that thrives on the success of small businesses and startups – the real engines of our economic strength.” 

The Dream Exchange is poised to continue championing this landmark bill alongside Rep. Gottheimer and other advocates, knowing that when small businesses flourish, the entire nation reaps the benefits of their innovation, job creation, and community enhancement. 

About Dream Exchange 

The Dream Exchange is preparing its application and operations to become registered as the first minority-owned and controlled company to operate a registered stock exchange in the history of the United States. In addition, Dream Exchange is championing the creation of a new type of stock exchange called a venture exchange, to list and trade the securities of smaller, early-stage companies. Dream Exchange’s mission is to create equal access to a marketplace that instills ethics, humanity, and fairness into finance.  

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Vanessa Jean-Louis   
Vice President of Public Relations   

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