RINO Carlos Gimenez (FL-26) Continues to Vote with Nancy Pelosi and the Radical Democrats in Congress: Wasteful $40 Billion U.S. Taxpayer Funded Handout to Ukraine

WASHINGTON, May 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — RINO Carlos Gimenez (FL-26th Congressional District) continues to vote with Nancy Pelosi and the radical Democrats in Congress.  RINO Gimenez voted for the wasteful $40 Billion Taxpayer funded handout to Ukraine, while millions of U.S. Citizens are homeless and starving on the streets.

RINO Gimenez otherwise known as a Socialist Democrat, has a long record of supporting radical socialist policy, dating back to his time as Miami-Dade Mayor. 

As Miami-Dade Mayor, RINO Gimenez locked down and destroyed small businesses during Covid. Gimenez was also tainted with corruption and ethics accusations including unauthorized business dealings with Communist China. 

In Washington, D.C., RINO Gimenez has voted with Nancy Pelosi and the radical leftists. Gimenez defended disgraced Liz Cheney after she voted in favor of the ‘Sham Impeachment’ against Donald Trump.  Gimenez doubled down in defending Cheney after the Republican Caucus censored and removed Liz Cheney from Republican Party Leadership.  

RINO Gimenez has openly voted with Nancy Pelosi and the radical Democrats in Congress on critical ‘Unconstitutional Issues’ far too many times and continues to support a socialist agenda:

  • RINO Gimenez openly supported and Voted for Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Agenda in 2016;
  • RINO Gimenez also voted for the ‘January 6‘ Democrat ‘Witch Hunt’ against American Citizens and Republican voters;
  • RINO Gimenez voted with Nancy Pelosi on H.R. 550, to allow the federal government to create a database, track unvaccinated Americans, who could be targeted, segregated, discriminated against, and forced to comply with vaccination mandates;
  • RINO Gimenez voted with Nancy Pelosi on Anti-Second Amendment legislation HR-8, making it more difficult for law-abiding citizens to purchase, own, carry, and use a firearm and
  • RINO Gimenez voted with Nancy Pelosi on H.R. 6 for ‘Open Borders and Amnesty’ to over 20 million criminal illegal aliens, which would permanently avoid deportation, obtain a pathway to citizenship, and full voting rights;
  • RINO Gimenez also voted with Nancy Pelosi and the radical Democrats to strip Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene of all Congressional Committee positions.
  • RINO Gimenez voted with Nancy Pelosi on the wasteful $1.5 Trillion wasteful socialist spending bill packed with billions in earmarks (Pork);

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