SafeWood Designs Integrates Bullet Resistant Solutions to Make Schools Safer

Following the Texas Mass Shooting, SafeWood Designs encourages schools to be proactive in loss prevention with bullet resistant classrooms

MINNEAPOLIS, June 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — SafeWood Designs, Inc. is a manufacturer of patented bullet resistant products designed for schools. Utilizing a modular system that combines custom built solutions with bullet-resistant doors, wall panels, hardware systems and furniture, safety and security is easily incorporated into classrooms without compromising the décor or school experience.

"Our number one goal in designing these products was to keep our kids safe while they are at school, plain and simple. And at the same time, maintain the everyday look and feel kids are used to in their schools, we believe we have accomplished our goal." – Jason Horner, CEO of SafeWood Designs, Inc.

By analyzing the layout of the school and each individual classroom, SafeWood Designs uses a three-zone approach for protective enhancement.

Threshold Zone 1: The primary entrances.

Threshold Zone 2: The second line of protection in the event of a breach

Threshold Zone 3: A safe space designed to withstand a constant and prolonged attack.

Once assessed, an action plan is put in place with bullet resistant walls, infills, doors, windows, tackboards and whiteboards to create safe zones in the event of an active shooter. These products can be customized to integrate seamlessly with security technology.

"Being proactive is key," says Horner, "We strongly encourage legislators to consider funding for bullet resistant systems. If every classroom incorporated a bullet resistant safe zone it would not only offer protection when it’s most needed but also offer additional precious time for authorities to arrive," says Horner.

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