Sarah Ashton-Cirillo Withdrawls from the Race for Office; Opts to Focus on Newly Launched Portal

LAS VEGAS, Oct. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Sarah Ashton-Cirillo, publisher of and trailblazing candidate for Las Vegas City Council, spent several weeks arriving at a difficult decision. With her love of city and state burning ever bright, and against the backdrop of her roles as a parent, businesswoman, author, and candidate, Ms. Ashton-Cirillo knew a choice had to be made. One that she has now arrived at.

Below, in her own words, she reveals her future plans relating to political and community engagement.

"When launching any endeavor, one is never sure where it will take them. In the span of the last six months, I’ve engaged in two new undertakings, both related to Las Vegas, the city I love.

"The first, a run for the position of Las Vegas City Councilwoman, created an amazing opportunity for discussing bold ideas and reveling in people centric ideals. That path could lead to an historic moment, with voters choosing me as the first transgender person to occupy elected office in Nevada.

"The second came with launching a news portal titled The site is dedicated to fighting back and speaking up against gate keeping, bias, and misinformation in media and government, through breaking news stories and longform reporting. Since beginning we’ve brought exclusive reports to readers ranging from an upcoming meeting between Donald Trump and Michele Fiore, to Governor Steve Sisolak’s view of Covid vaccine mandates for staff and grade schoolers, and a narrative on the hypocrisy of closeted LGBTQ GOP officials. In five weeks we’ve tallied almost 15,000 visits.

"Volunteering for over a decade with NGO’s in Haiti, as well as covering the refugee crisis in the Balkans as a writer and photographer, taught me patience and humility. I learned titles aren’t needed to make a difference in the world. Furthermore, as an experienced analyst in the dual sectors of healthcare management and real property investment I understand that ROI matters, especially when maximizing opportunity cost.

"It is in the spirit of those closely held lessons, that I’m announcing I’ll be forgoing a run for any political position in 2022, in order to concentrate on the mission of while continuing my civic activities throughout the Las Vegas Valley.

"The candidate’s journey is a unique one. Among those I must thank are my supporters including Carrie Stowers, Deb Magness, Krista Whitley, and Patty Davidson. My advocate and attorney Paul Padda. Councilwomen Victoria Seaman and Michele Fiore. Media Members Don Dike Anukam, Janelle Calderon, Dana Gentry, and Shea Johnson. Sounding boards Amy Tarkanian, Ahmad Ade, and Michael Weiss, and my incredible son, Richard.

"I’ll end now with the reminder that we’ve already won."

Sarah Ashton-Cirillo