South Texans For Term Limits Founder Demands Cameron County Commissioners to Immediately Adopt Term Limits

BROWNSVILLE, Texas, May 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In a letter sent to the Cameron County Commissioner’s Court today, South Texans for Term Limits founder Sara Stapleton Barrera demanded that the Commissioner’s Court immediately adopt term limits on their positions.  The basis for the demand is that Brownsville citizens on Saturday voted overwhelmingly to impose a two-term limit on mayor and city commissioner positions for the city.

“The people are no longer confident that career politicians have their best interest at heart,” wrote Stapleton Barrera, “we implore all of you to put the item to a vote on your own, modifying the language that was passed in Brownsville to apply to the County Commissioner’s Court.”

The May 1 vote in Brownsville saw Proposition 1 for term limits on the position of Mayor pass with an 85.5% majority.  Proposition 2 for the imposition of term limits on city commissioners passed with a similar majority of 86%. 

As a result, Stapleton Barrera, in the letter, requests “that the issue of term limits upon the elected officials of the Cameron County Commissioner’s Court be placed on your next meeting’s agenda” so that she can present arguments for their adoption by the commissioners.

Sara Stapleton Barrera is a Brownsville attorney, a former candidate for the Democratic nomination for Texas State Senator District 27 as well as the founder of South Texans for Term Limits. She is the mother of three young children and a well-respected human rights and Women’s rights advocate.

Full text of the letter is available on the South Texans for Term Limits Facebook page @southtexanstermlimits.

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