The Gorilla Post Drivable Soil Base Delineator is Designed for Off-Road Installations Where There is No Hardscape Available

VANCOUVER, Wash., July 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — When you have traffic and parking on loose surfaces such as grass, gravel or dirt, ParkingZone has a solution to deploy delineators and sign posts to designate traffic and pedestrian patterns.

With summer comes warm weather and more outdoor activities. Millions of Americans will attend live performances, concerts, trade shows, and other outdoor events this year. Music festivals alone are expected to draw more than 32 million visitors this year, more people than the population of Texas, according to Billboard magazine.

While mass transit options will transport many attendees to the festivals and events, many will travel there in private vehicles. Much of the challenge involved in managing traffic and parking during events involves establishing an orderly system for getting visitors into and out of the parking facility. Parking cones and barricades can help, but these can be moved without authorization.

Event traffic problems are frequently complained about by visitors. A survey published in Successful Event Management: A Practical Handbook found that 48 percent of attendees of a music festival felt post-event congestion in the parking lot was a major problem.

Many outdoor events have temporary parking areas on dirt, grass or gravel. The Drivable Soil Base Gorilla Post is designed to be used effectively on these loose surfaces. Parking logistics are everything when it comes to delivering a safe and enjoyable experience to attendees. A one-foot-long corrugated steel square tube is first driven into the ground to create an anchor base for the delineator or sign post. The special base on the 2-1/3" Gorilla Post is then installed onto the steel tube using the provided mounting hardware. The installed Gorilla Post will flex and spring back into position when bumped by a pedestrian or vehicle. The post can be removed when not in use and be returned to the square tube for the next event.

Gorilla Post Drivable Soil Base Advantages:
  • Gravel, grass and dirt application
  • Can be used with 12" x 18" aluminum or plastic sign
  • Flexes on impact reducing damage to post and vehicle
  • Returns to upright position after impact
  • Lightweight, weighs under 10 pounds
  • Delineators can be deployed permanently or temporarily

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