The National Owner Operators Association Proudly Endorses Nate Cain, a Military Veteran & Federal Whistleblower for West Virginia’s 2nd District

Nate Cain Receives Endorsement by National Trucking Business Association – 35,000 Members Strong

HEDGESVILLE, W.Va, July 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The National Owner Operators Association (TNOOA), a prominent trucking business association representing over 35,000 hard-working men and women across the United States, is proud to endorse Nate Cain, a Republican candidate running for Congress in West Virginia’s 2nd District. “I am honored to have the support and endorsement of the TNOOA. Our truckers play a vital role in delivering goods around the country to the American People that we depend on. As a small business owner, myself, I will always stand by our independent owners and operators.”

Nate Cain’s unwavering commitment to American freedom, security, and prosperity, coupled with his exceptional background and dedication to transparency, make him the ideal candidate to champion the interests of hard-working truckers across the nation.

Nate Cain, a God-fearing, true & loyal patriot, has dedicated his life to serving his country and fighting for integrity. As the Federal Whistleblower on the FBI cover-up of Hillary Clinton’s pay-to-play crimes, the Clinton Foundation, and Uranium 1, Nate Cain fearlessly exposed corruption and upheld transparency. Following his service as a whistleblower, Nate was called upon by the Trump White House to contribute his expertise to election integrity investigations after the 2020 election, further demonstrating his commitment to upholding the Constitution.

With an illustrious career spanning over 26 years, Nate Cain has served in the U.S. Army as a soldier, in the U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps as a civil servant and other agencies as a defense contractor in cybersecurity engineering. His invaluable contributions to esteemed organizations such as the Army, Navy, Marines, Defense Information Systems Agency, National Security Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and Drug Enforcement Administration have been recognized with medals and service commendations. Nate has taken the oath three times, symbolizing his deep commitment to protecting the nation and its secrets. Holding a Top-Secret security clearance for 25 years, Nate has been entrusted with safeguarding the security and interests of the United States.

Michael Boston, CEO of the TNOOA, expressed his support for Nate Cain’s candidacy, stating, “Nate Cain understands the vital role truckers play as an integral necessity to the United States of America. His endorsement by the TNOOA signifies our confidence in his commitment to supporting and advocating for the trucking industry. Nate’s support for repealing or amending the Motor Carrier Act of 1980, instituting a whistleblower program to identify corrupt practices amongst brokers, and enforcing transparency laws underscores his dedication to the trucking community.”

West Virginia urgently requires a fighter in the halls of Congress, someone with a proven track record of integrity and the courage to expose lies and corruption. Nate Cain’s commitment to transparency, along with his support for truckers and his advocacy for their representation, make him the ideal candidate for the 2nd District of West Virginia.

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