The They Can Do It To You Committee Submits Petition for Massachusetts Ballot Initiative

BOSTON, April 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Jon Fetherston and 9 other non partisan concerned citizens from Massachusetts have submitted petition to Massachusetts Attorney General to fight back against cancel culture and cyber bullying. The petition, filed with the Massachusetts Attorney General Office on Thursday 4/14/2021, would make it a felony in Massachusetts to target another’s ability to make a living because they disagree with postings on Social Media and or other media platforms.

The committee working on this Massachusetts ballot initiative is a bipartisan group. They support free speech, and do not respect or condone hate or violent speech. Disagreement is a way of life in American history. If you don’t like what you are seeing or hearing in the social media or public media world, turn it off, not target people’s right to make a living.

The goal of They Could Do It To You Committee is to have the ballot question placed on the 2022 November Election ballot. 

Cancel the Cancel Culture and stop cyber bullying.

Jon Fetherston, spokesman for committee, is a long time elected local and state official. Selectman, Board of Health, Affordable Housing Commissioner, Redevelopment Authority, MAPC Commissioner are some of the roles Fetherston has held.

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