To Build upon the Momentum of the 11/2 Election Victories for Our Traditional American Values and the Total Repudiation of the Biden Leftists, eVoiceAmerica® Introduces a First-Ever, Same-Time-Hour, Everywhere, National Rally Across 4 Time Zones at Local Locations to "Show Our Strength."

BOISE, Idaho, Nov. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — eVoiceAmerica Data, LLC ( announces a simultaneous, national rally in our local communities across the nation. This rally peacefully assembles the 70+% of patriotic Americans who reject the 1) leftist assault on education, the family, and the Constitution; 2) leftist intimidation using identity politics, woke-ism, cancel culture, "racism," government intrusion and mandates, and America-last policies; and 3) those who embrace our founding American principles and ideals. Now, millions of patriotic Americans can assemble to make a national impact.

Where and When: 1P/ET, adjusted for your time zone, on Saturday, December 4th, in city hall parking lots in every community.

Why: Let’s use this rally to demand that Biden, as a compassionate priority, immediately reverse his executive order which destroyed US energy independence. Doing so will prevent 1) winter heating hardships for fixed-income Americans, 2) energy shortages and 3) increasing energy costs. This will restore all energy resources which will also reverse the inflation caused by ever-increasing energy prices and unlock the supply chain. 

If Biden refuses this compassionate reversal, eVoiceAmerica’s majority, public opinion data from millions of users emailed directly to their members of Congress, can mobilize Republican and moderate democrat reps wanting to keep their seats, to support legislation reversing or preventing all of Biden’s anti-America policies.

SOS Rally: How You Can Participate

"All freedom-loving Americans just need to show up en masse. Millions of patriotic Americans, wearing patriotic t-shirts and hats, with signs, flags, and megaphones to speak out, and sending their cell phone videos to YouTube (US SOS Rally — 12/4/21), will add media impact," said eVoiceAmerica. Visit for details and share it to make this Rally an American Majority phenomenon. This Rally is to be a peaceful, civil assembly to show ourselves, families, neighbors, communities, the nation, and the world that the American Majority, who support our founding-principles, far exceeds the aggressive, progressive minority.

About eVoiceAmerica Data, LLC is a take-action, political platform, where Americans can email their issue-based opinions and eVotes directly to their members of Congress, which creates majority percentages in favor of Constitutional Congressional policy and legislation. The SOS Rally is a non-profit, public service event.

Founded in 2009 by identical, twin sisters who are both successful inventors / entrepreneurs. They developed eVoiceAmerica Data and to provide concerned Americans with new and powerful ways to be heard. Aggregating anonymous, user, majority percentage data on issues important to American citizens, eVoiceAmerica offers new, majority percentage data on national, critical issues for use by the media, principled conservative influencers, and Congress. Learn more about how to preserve and restore the American experiment at:

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Sandra B. Brazier and Dee Jeffries, Co-Founders
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