Traditional Political Polling is Dead: LunarCrush Launches Groundbreaking U.S. Election Category

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Challenging the status quo of antiquated political polling methods, LunarCrush declares the dawn of a new era with its innovative U.S. Election category. As doubts rise over the efficacy and accuracy of classic polling practices, LunarCrush offers a transformative lens to view political dynamics and a clear picture of which candidates are the most talked about.

The brand-new U.S. Election category on LunarCrush allows users to:
Assess the Dominance of Political Figures: Understand which political figures are spearheading the conversation.
Stay Updated with Trending Posts: Monitor the most trending posts associated with each candidate, offering a real-time gauge of public sentiment.
Acquire a Clearer Picture: Obtain a clearer perspective on the intricacies of the U.S. political landscape through social metrics such as Social contributors, Social dominance, Number of Posts, and Interactions on those posts.

“Our mission at LunarCrush has consistently been to equip our users with comprehensive insights derived from social data. We are resolute in our commitment to offer clarity on the subjects that matter most,” says Joe Vezzani, CEO of LunarCrush. “In an age where over 100k social posts across all major social networks generate millions of interactions every hour, we firmly believe our U.S. Election category offers a more comprehensive and accurate pulse on the U.S. election than traditional polling could ever aspire to. Compared to polls sampling a mere 1,000 individuals, our insights provide a far more holistic view of the political landscape.”

Recent trends support the company’s innovative approach. A staggering one-third of tweets from U.S. adults now revolve around politics. Moreover, 48% of young Americans aged 18-29 relied on social media for their election news in 2020. It’s evident that the world is more interconnected today, and recognizing these social dynamics is pivotal.

“Transparency in elections is democracy’s backbone. LunarCrush’s innovative approach is lighting the path, offering an unprecedented, clear insight into U.S. Election dynamics. A game-changer for informed political engagement.” – Aly Madhavji, Managing Partner, Blockchain Founders Fund

For those looking to genuinely understand the pulse of the U.S. Election and who are skeptical of conventional polls sampling just 1,000 individuals, LunarCrush’s U.S. Election category is the definitive destination.

About LunarCrush:

LunarCrush is dedicated to forging mindful media pathways and amplifying transparency in global social media dialogues. Whether it’s tradable, betable, or electable, our platform, initially pioneered in the cryptocurrency and financial sectors, now gathers critical insights to empower users with informed decision-making. We stand as a beacon in the bustling realm of social media, presenting a tailored alternative to discern information beyond the confines of conventional algorithms.

SOURCE LunarCrush