TreeHouse Biosciences Awarded PH&S’ and ASTM’s Global Cannabis Certification for Hemp and Cannabis Operators

DENVER, Nov. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Policy Center for Public Health & Safety (PH&S) and global standards organization ASTM International recently announced the certification of Colorado-based TreeHouse Biosciences with ASTM’s CANNQ/HEMPQ Certification Program. TreeHouse Biosciences is a producer of hemp-derived cannabinoids and global leader in cannabis purification and THC remediation. 

The certification program received input from state Attorneys General and law enforcement upon its creation, and is the first independent Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and product safety certification for the cannabis and hemp industry. TreeHouse Biosciences is first in their category of cannabinoid manufacturers and THC remediation processors to receive ASTM’s CANNQ/HEMPQ Certification Program. 

Operators who complete the certification program are bound to the highest standards of production relating to consumer health and safety. Raising the bar on manufacturing protocols and standards begins the establishment of industry norms that reflect a commitment to public health and consumer protection. As such, the certification will have an ancillary effect on protecting consumer public health and safety.

"We are elated to receive this first-of-its-kind certification under ASTM’s CANNQ/HEMPQ Certification Program. ASTM is the gold-standard when it comes to global safety and quality certifications across all manufacturing industries. As the first cannabinoid and THC remediation processor to receive this certification, it highlights TreeHouse Biosciences’ core values of safety, quality, integrity, and science," said Jake Black, Ph.D., Chief Science Officer, TreeHouse Biosciences.

"This certification demonstrates participants’ commitment to the highest production standards and protocols. TreeHouse Biosciences is undoubtedly committed to advancing industry standards in science and research," said Fred Niehaus, Chair, PH&S.

"TreeHouse Biosciences is a standout manufacturer in the hemp industry, and the companys unwavering commitment to scientific integrity and diligent adherence to the highest levels of quality and compliance are apparent," said Tricia Hock, director of certification operations, SEI.

Since 2016, TreeHouse Biosciences has pioneered cannabinoid manufacturing with a resolute adherence to the tenants of quality, compliance, and science. Since their inception TreeHouse Biosciences has offered the highest quality hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) and broad-spectrum ingredients. Their patented method of THC removal via chromatography has been influential across the industry, and TreeHouse Biosciences continues to progress scientific innovation in the hemp and cannabis industries. Today, TreeHouse Biosciences provides companies and research institutions the scientific support needed to develop the products of tomorrow.

The certification program is open to cultivators, extractors, and producers, allowing industry stakeholders to:

  • Efficiently test cannabis flower samples using ASTM standards.
  • Leverage ASTM’s Quality System GxP Certification Platform to track and manage data.
  • Scientifically verify that participants’ products and facilities adhere to the strictest industry safety standards.

About ASTM International: Committed to serving global societal needs, ASTM International positively impacts public health and safety, consumer confidence, and overall quality of life. We integrate consensus standards – developed with our international membership of volunteer technical experts – and innovate services to improve lives. Helping our world work better. Visit

About PH&S: Is a 501(c)(4) company addressing the challenges facing law enforcement, regulators, cannabis investors & operators as well as financial institutions.

About TreeHouse Biosciences: TreeHouse Biosciences, a subsidiary of Next Frontier Brands, is a leader in the research, development, and production of hemp-derived cannabinoid ingredients, and is certified as cGMP compliant for both Dietary Supplements and Foods, as well as USDA Organic and NASC certified. TreeHouse Biosciences holds multiple patents for THC remediation technologies and over 14 pending patents spanning novel processing techniques and cannabinoid ingredients.

Roiby Gonzalez

Monica McCafferty

SOURCE Policy Center for Public Health and Safety

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