U.S. Senate Candidate Khaled Salem Objects to Foreign Leaders Detaining U.S. or Israeli Citizens

NEW YORK, Sept. 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Khaled Salem,a candidate for U.S. Senate in New York and the CEO of American Human Rights Organization, today voiced his strong objection to questionable foreign dignitaries entering the United States for the 2021 U.N. General Assembly and other business. Salem argues that titles such as King, Prince or President should not be a free pass into the U.S. when these leaders are "known collaborators or instigators, "who harm or execute U.S. and Israeli citizens in their respective countries.

"No visas or special treatment should be given to leaders of foreign governments who knowingly have detained, jailed, tortured or killed U.S. or Israeli citizens," explained Salem, who is Egyptian-American. "When I am elected, I will write and co-sponsor a bill for the Senate and House to refuse entry to dangerous ‘leader terrorists.’ In my opinion, there is no possible reason for U.S. hypocrisy, when U.S. and Israeli citizens are jailed and brutalized. How do you reconcile the U.S. allowing this behavior; in effect, looking the other way while evil politicians and royalty are accommodated with a smile? This makes no sense and I will fight within the legislature."

Domestically,Salem encourages the U.S. government to prepare vaccine objectors who may need mental health counseling. This will allow people to get a better understanding of why the COVID-19 vaccine is essential for the country to move forward and defeat the virus. "Because of mis- and dis-information, there is a general panic among people ‘brainwashed’ into denying vaccineefficacy and safety."

Salem added, "Imagine if the population refused to take the polio or smallpox vaccines? The ‘loud voices’ are frightening Americans and paralyzing them into a state of mind of ‘if I don’t see it then it can’t hurt me.’ The government needs to come up with better options to take away the fear."

Khaled policy positions argue for Cancel student debt, Legalize marijuana, End the filibuster, Enact voting rights, pass the women’s act.

Some other key policy positions from Mr. Salem’s agenda include:

  • Free University Education for American Students with a $0 budget from the government and taxpayers  to support this plan. 
  • Laws and procedures to reduce domestic violence nationwide.
  • A reduction in U.S. military activity and presence in the Middle East.
  • A policy that requires these regions pay for American military services.
  • The establishment of a home loan program for middle class single parents.

* Reduce the NY State Sales Tax for six years until the state recovers from COVID-19 economic hardship

Khaled asks New York Voters to look not at his religion or where he came from, but rather what he offers to the citizenry in terms of policy.

For more information, visit khaled2022forcongress.com.

Follow Salem at facebook.com/Khaledforcongress and twitter.com/KhaledYork 

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