U.S. Senate Candidate Khaled Salem Praises Biden Administration’s Abundance of Caution Regarding International Travel

NEW YORK, Dec. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Egyptian-born candidate for U.S. Senate Khaled Salem of New York today stressed the urgency to protect New Yorkers and all Americans from the new COVID variant, Omicron, which has now appeared in the United States. The heavily mutated Omicron has infected a fully vaccinated individual in California and Salem warns that, "The variant’s appearance in New York is not far behind."

"Our country needs to be prepared to pivot due to the latest news of the contagious Omicron variant," said Salem, who is also CEO of American Human Rights Association. "To date, Omicron has been found in approximately two dozen countries and, unfortunately, we now need to double down and be on high alert. Federal and state governments must re-visit imposing restrictions on all international travel, period."

Salem explained, "Until we have actionable data about contagion, Americans need all tools at our disposal and should immediately take advantage of full vaccination, a booster shot and masks for the best possible protection. The new global air traffic ‘travel apartheid’ is controversial, yet the WHO has advised those who are at risk, unwell or over 60 years of age to postpone going anywhere. The U.S. has imposed full travel restrictions upon southern African countries. Other countries are in the midst of waiting for guidance on how to proceed with border closings."

Salem believes the proposed "Anti-Terror Visa Rejection Law" will save many lives by dramatically reducing the incitement to violence against America and Israel and, "reduce the Arab media’s (especially Al Jazeera) incitement against America and our partner, the State of Israel. "Salem was quite clear in his views, stating, "Any self-respecting country would never allow people to freely enter their country when they have been vocal and on the record inciting violence and terrorism against them.

"Those who trust in the economic system or politics of Turkey are in denial of what is really happening there," said Khaled Salem. "The existing Turkish regime is an unconstitutional system entirely controlled by President Erdogan and his party. Foreign investment and the Turkish economy will inevitably continue to suffer and collapse if subsequent presidents follow Erdogan’s lead. Arab countries and the EU are opposed to the existing system, while the US and Russian continue their present alliances with a Turkey that keeps its thumb on the necks of its people."

As for important domestic issues, Salem is worried about the ongoing feud between Representatives Omar and Boebert from Minnesota and Colorado, respectively, as problems escalate. The controversy continues to inflame tempers. The anti-Muslim comments and ensuing death threats create a needlessly toxic environment that complicates already delicate conversations about Israel and the potential for a "two-state solution," and other vital matters in Congress. Salem calls on Republican and Democratic leadership to de-escalate the vitriol and have a "time out" before scheduling a bipartisan meeting that might even have a chance of being productive.

Salem is running against Chuck Schumer in the next general election scheduled for November 8, 2022. Thirty-four of the Senate’s 100 seats are being contested in these elections.

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U.S. Senate Candidate Khaled Salem


SOURCE American Human Rights Organization