US Senate Candidate Salem Supports Any Efforts by Israel to Defend Against Iranian Attacks

NEW YORK, Aug. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — U.S. Senate candidate for New York Khaled Salem today announced his 100% support for justified retaliation by Israel in response to the Israeli Foreign Minister’s statement that as of now "Iran is not just an Israeli problem." Salem is running against incumbent Chuck Schumer for the 2022 election. Israel’s Foreign Minister blames "Iranian terrorism" for an attack in the Arabian Sea that killed two people.

As of yesterday, a British national and a Romanian citizen were pronounced dead after having been killed by an Iranian attack on a tanker owned by Israeli shipping industrialist, Eyal Ofer. The oil tanker, which may have been attacked by a drone, yet to be confirmed, was in international waters and is now attempting to sail to a safe port.

Salem, an Egyptian-American, stated, "The attack underscores an impending escalation of fighting due to human casualties in international waters. In recent months there have been a number of attacks on both Israeli and Iranian-operated ships."

Salem stressed, "It is time for President Biden and the United States military forces to establish a stronger presence in the Gulf. It must increase involvement to protect the State of Israel. Otherwise, this critical time in the Middle East will erupt into ‘unchecked’ chaos. I worry about the potential ‘flashpoint,’ where all-out war is the only answer. Strong democratic allies, NATO and the United Nations must stop sitting on their hands and do something to de-escalate tensions and finally say ‘out loud’ that they support the safety of Israel’s Jewish citizens. The world is tired of the ‘back and forth’ violence. We can no longer tolerate such brazen brutality and do not want all-out war." 

Salem has a clear view of Middle East issues and is dedicated to informing Americans and the world-at-large of terrorist action against the State of Israel.

U.S. Democratic Senate Candidate Khaled Salem Urges Biden Continue Strong Support for Israel

Salem puts full energy behind permanently keeping U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem

Khaled Salem, the Egyptian-American U.S. Senate candidate running against incumbent Chuck Schumer in the 2022 election, made clear in today’s comments that the establishment of the U.S. Embassy in Israel should stay in Jerusalem. President Biden’s predecessor moved the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and Biden agrees the embassy should stay. In February, the U.S. Senate voted 97-3 on an amendment that set aside authorized funding to maintain the embassy in Jerusalem, underscoring the overwhelming support from Americans for Israel.

Candidate Salem is urging the U.S. government to support Israel in not allowing Palestinians to hold two passports and is in favor of permanently cancelling Israeli citizenship for Palestinians who threaten state security and demonstrate in Jerusalem.

"It was made clear during the confirmation hearing for Secretary of State Anthony Blinken that the Biden administration would not move the U.S. Embassy from Jerusalem," said Salem, who is also the CEO of the American Human Rights Organization. "The people of the United States back Israel and it is vital for President Biden to ‘dig in’ and continue to support Israel in its fight against Hamas and Hezbollah. It is essential to call out the underground support given to terrorist organizations from Iran, Turkey and various Arab countries that hide millions of dollars and lethal weapons intended to destroy Israeli Jews."

Salem is positioning himself to unseat four-term incumbent Schumer in the 2022 general election.

Salem has a clear view of Middle East issues and is dedicated to informing Americans and the world-at-large of terrorist action against the State of Israel.

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