Venture Valley Video Game Expands into Poland’s School System Through Partnership with FutureLab

Polish Educators to Teach Business Concepts to Students with Business Building Video Game

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Today, the Venture Valley game team proudly announces a partnership with FutureLab, Poland’s largest educational and technological program. This collaboration marks the introduction of the Venture Valley video game into the Polish school system, offering an innovative approach to teaching business concepts through an engaging and immersive platform.

As a featured resource in the new Polish business and management curriculum required for high school students, the game will be available for free to teachers, allowing students to participate using mobile devices or computers. Students are also encouraged to participate in Venture Valley events, such as the global “NASEF x Venture Valley Entrepreneurship Beyond the Game™ Challenge Spring 2024.” This competition, featuring school teams of gamers in competition, kicks off on January 23, 2024, and runs until March 29, 2024.

The Venture Valley video game, a project of the Singleton Foundation for Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship, empowers students to develop financial and business fundamentals through both competitive esports-style multiplayer play and a 35-mission single-player campaign. The game has already achieved success in the U.S., garnering industry awards and attracting a dedicated player base. Now, through the alliance with FutureLab, this free, award-winning game will be accessible to every Polish student and teacher, providing them with a unique opportunity to learn essential business skills in a captivating format.

Supporting this initiative, the Polish government will provide free lesson plans and classroom materials through the business and management ( website. The site offers a range of educational materials expanding on the game’s concepts, including investments and dividends, fixed and variable expenses, loans, net vs. gross income, and more.

Shelley Miles, CEO of the Singleton Foundation for Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship, expressed enthusiasm about the global impact of the Venture Valley game. “We are deeply honored by the collaboration with the Polish government program Futurelab, as they aspire to instill entrepreneurial and financial literacy education among its 9th-grade high school students. Venture Valley is privileged to be the chosen platform for this initiative. Just as our U.S. student players have attested to the game’s transformative impact on their understanding of business concepts and skill reinforcement, we eagerly anticipate similarly positive outcomes for the students of Poland. Education knows no borders, and together, we cultivate a future generation empowered with essential entrepreneurial knowledge and business skills.”

“As soon as we saw the Venture Valley game we could see the potential for it in our school system as we expand deeper into the business curriculum with our students,” said one of the Polish high school teachers, “The Venture Valley game puts a unique spin on how to learn about business and finance and we are confident its engaging content will be perfect for our schools.”

The game takes players on a business-growing journey through 35 unique missions in either a single-player campaign or pits them against friends and foes in competitive esports-style multiplayer play. Players learn real financial and business skills as they grow their business from one small pet-walking enterprise to multiple businesses, including a drone factory, a dating app development firm, a robot manufacturer, and many more. Business owners will experience the highs and lows of being their own boss, and will need to keep in mind that along with success comes rivals. Luckily, competition can be kept in check through competitive strategic duels using advantage and adversity cards, adding fast-dealing esports-type play.

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Venture Valley is an award-winning fast-paced business simulation game where players take on the highs and lows of being an entrepreneur. Available for free on PC and mobile (iOS and Android) and has no in-app purchases or ads, Venture Valley has been recognized for excellence in teaching financial literacy and entrepreneurship, winning first-place recognition from the Serious Play Awards and the Tech & Learning Awards, as well as finalist positions from GEE! Award and the International Educational Games Competition at the European Conference on Games Based Learning. The game is a project of the Singleton Foundation for Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship, a nonprofit with the mission of making financial competence fun and engaging for everyone by using the power of entertainment to capture attention, create change, promote entrepreneurship, and to inspire individual achievement.

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