Veteran-Owned Company and Local Businesses Pledge to Donate Advanced Lockdown Systems to Every School in Tennessee to Help Stop the Next Mass Shooting Tragedy

By donating the strongest smart locks on the market to schools and daycares for every lock sold, HavenLock is providing an immediate solution to protecting our kids and teachers

NASHVILLE, Tenn., June 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — HavenLock, the world’s most powerful and advanced smart lock system for homes and commercial buildings, announced today that they will give away Lockdown devices to schools for every unit sold to businesses through their Guardian Angel program. This comes at a time when increased public funding devoted to school safety measures have been ineffective in providing safety in the event of a mass shooting, as shown by the Ulvade shooting. This is the first non-government program that brings together local businesses, schools, and daycares to immediately address the nation’s increasing mass shooting fatalities without relying on public spending or waiting for policy change.

“People view advanced lock systems as a ‘nice to have’, but the frequency of today’s mass shootings makes having a proven method to stop active shooters a matter of life or death.” says Alex Bertelli, founder and CEO of HavenLock, a Shark Tank alumni and former U.S. Special Operations soldier having served in Iraq and Afghanistan. “Through our one-for-one donation program, schools can finally be protected without being limited by budget or bureaucratic red tape.” 

HavenLock Lockdown devices were installed at a school near Covenant when the mass shooting took place on March 27, 2023, and a teacher was able to securely lock down her classroom during the tragedy. “Despite our worst nightmare of being on lockdown coming true, I was able to have peace of mind knowing that my kids were secured in a room that was virtually impenetrable.”

How it works: The majority of schools across the country still have outdated manual locks that can be easily shot or breached, making it nearly impossible for students and teachers to find a safe place until first responders arrive. The Joint Active Shooter Protection and Response System (JASPR) report also showed that any time automatic locks such as HavenLock’s were installed in 30,000+ simulations, it increased survivability by as much as 92%. 10x stronger than a deadbolt, HavenLock’s Lockdown device can withstand 2000 lbs. of holding force and 300 ft-lbs. of dynamic force.

With HavenLock’s Patent pending advanced Attack Detection Technologyâ„¢, first responders are automatically notified of the time and location when an attempt to breach the system occurs, thereby greatly reducing the time required to stop the attack. By solving the problems that directly lead to mass casualties, including the lack of impenetrable Lockdown spaces, delay in notifying emergency personnel, and the inability of first responders to locate the active shooter, HavenLock is making the commercial-grade safety technology available to schools and daycares across the state. 

Through HavenLock’s Guardian Angel program in partnership with local businesses, companies who buy one or more Lockdown devices can select a school or daycare to donate an equivalent number of locks on its behalf, without limits. Its code-compliant smart locks have already been scheduled for installation in schools across the state of Tennessee, with the list of recipients receiving donated locks through its Guardian Angel program growing every day. In Q4 of 2023, HavenLock plans to expand this program to other states to help end mass shooting fatalities that take place every 1.5 days in this country on average. 

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About HavenLock

HavenLock is a veteran-owned company that designs products to keep people safe at home, work, school, and religious institutions. The company was created by military special operations veterans based on combat experiences overseas. Featured on Shark Tank, HavenLock is the first to bring DHS-certified, code-compliant, commercial-grade advanced lock technology to schools, religious institutions, and daycares to help end mass shooting fatalities through its Guardian Angel one-for-one donation program. 

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