VetsinTech Launches “Vets in AI” Kickoff in the AI Capital of the World

 How Vets in AI Supports Veteran Careers and National Security

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 21, 2024 /PRNewswire/ —

What:       VetsinTech (ViT) will unveil “Vets in AI” – an inaugural event hosted by the Bay Area Council that bridges the renowned S.F. Bay Area and Silicon Valley technology region with the policy-making hub in Washington, DC. The new initiative will foster a unique collaboration between tech innovators and policymakers, shaping policies related to artificial intelligence and military veterans. VetsinTech’s major initiative will further contribute to San Francisco’s growing recognition as the AI capital of the world.

Where:     Historic Klamath at Pier 9, San Francisco

When:      Thursday, February 29, 2024

Time:        5:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Why:         As companies and governments race to understand the potential of AI, the modern Veteran population brings distinct advantages to the field. Having served with autonomous systems and advanced technologies in high-pressure environments requiring excellence in their mission execution, this population is uniquely situated to help balance the need for trust and innovation in this field. Their technical skills, adaptability, and mission focus make them ideal to help fill the significant gap in technical AI specialists. This alignment makes their inclusion not just a matter of employment but also of national security. This ongoing initiative will provide veterans with new career paths to enrich the AI sector with veterans’ invaluable experience in technology and national security.

Who:        Vets in AI will feature notable military veteran speakers from industry-leading tech companies. The event will gather veterans, military spouses, corporate leaders, and policymakers to discuss the intersection of AI and national security.

Details:    Vets in AI focuses on three core areas:

  • Education: Partnering with leading tech companies like Google and Microsoft to provide cutting-edge AI curriculum.
  • Employment: Facilitating job opportunities in AI with leading companies.
  • Entrepreneurship: Supporting veteran-led AI startups and ventures.

The 2024 Vets in AI Initiative will include:

  • Quarterly programming: Scheduled meetups will gather stakeholders to discuss new developments and opportunities at the intersection of AI, defense and policy. Information sessions with key luminaries, platform providers, VCs, and startups. ViT will offer veterans and military spouses free training courses and certifications.
  • Curriculum: Developed in collaboration with industry leaders like Microsoft and Google, the curriculum will focus on AI and ML training for veterans.
  • Startups: VC pitch events and programming will be organized and hosted for veteran AI entrepreneurs.

“We’re thrilled to unveil our first Vets in AI initiative at this special event. We thank the Bay Area Council and our industry-leading partners for supporting this important initiative. It will greatly impact the upward trajectory of our military veterans’ careers and startups, and we’re honored to host the Vets in AI event in San Francisco, which is unequivocally the AI capital of the world,” said Katherine Webster, CEO of VetsinTech.

About VetsInTech

Based in San Francisco, with more than 75,000 vets strong and 20 chapters across the country, VetsInTech is the leading national non-profit devoted 100% to springboarding veterans into tech careers. VetsinTech harnesses the national technology ecosystem to benefit veterans returning from active military duty and who want to apply their exceptional training, skills, and experience to a new technology career. Comprising technology industry leaders and former service members, VetsinTech is the only non-profit supporting our veterans and military spouses through tech-based programs in education, employment, and entrepreneurship opportunities. Interested parties can visit

Event Registration: Tickets can be obtained here.

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