Vince Couch Launches Website to Measure and Improve Voters’ Knowledge

HOUSTON, Oct. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Mr. Vince Couch announces the release of the website

Mr. Couch, a high school physics teacher and father, believes strongly that the current state of the country (not good) is due simply to ignorant voters. The website provides the opportunity for the visitor to take a quiz to determine if they are sufficiently knowledgeable to vote (score above a 70%).

Visitors are encouraged to return to the site each month to “Impact their Country” – the site provides a summary of the top 2-3 issues of the month and the visitor can vote on the issue. The results are then sent to the media and politicians.

“I created the website because I love my country. I have seen a tremendous decline in this country and it likely will continue unless the American people start putting forth some effort to understand what is going on and to hold the politicians accountable.”

Mr. Couch asks that those who believe in the cause, contact him via the website to maybe volunteer their time and/or make a small donation.

Contact: Vince Couch, 713-392-8464, 

SOURCE Vince Couch