‘We Will Decide’ Launches Comprehensive Voter-Information and Analytics Site – Fostering Political Literacy During a Time of Uncertainty

SAN DIEGO, Feb. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — ‘We Will Decide’ (https://wewilldecide.com/) announced its official launch, offering useful American political information collected in one digital place that is individualized for each registered user. We Will Decide follows Congressional action, giving data to users based solely on the facts – links to information about the individual bills, and the actual votes cast by each member of the Senate and the House on those bills. We Will Decide also provides each user with a list of their Senators and Representatives – their current and past votes on bills – and lets users track votes in aggregate to see how much they agree with their incumbents’ overall voting records. We Will Decide contains no ads and is currently offering free registration until Memorial Day. After that, the site will charge a modest $3/month membership fee to help with upkeep, while giving 10% of proceeds to trackable charities. Referring a friend to the site will also earn users a free month, in an ongoing promotion.

We Will Decide: An Evolving Project Built Specifically for Voters 

“We Will Decide is a labor of love,” said site founder, Kelly Riordan. “I would’ve once labeled myself a typical apathetic voter, but in our country’s current state, being uninformed is no longer an option. With all the information out there in the media-sphere, much of it skewed one way or another, how do you begin to know what is real and what isn’t? It’s not easy. So I decided there’s only one thing that cannot be faked or manipulated: pure voting history.”

“What our representatives actually vote on tells us so much, and that should be a major focus of our attention. I built a website that lets users do just that. I don’t have any political agenda other than helping voters be informed about the people they’re electing. I’m a healthcare worker and this company is run by me and two friends, because we want people to base their opinions on Congressional voting records, not the sensationalism and media spin we’re all exposed to day after day. That’s one of the reasons I refuse to run ads on my site.”

We Will Decide: Customized Political Data for Informed Voters

“How do you pick the politicians that you vote for each election cycle?” Riordan asked. “Do you base it on personality? A few radio or TV sound bites that you heard? A political attack ad? Do you vote strictly along party lines? I’m sure most of us fall into just one or two of these categories – with most people voting with their party. But why? Shouldn’t we be voting on the issues, not the personalities? Isn’t that the reason we put them in office to begin with – to vote our interests? So how do you know for sure they’re actually doing that? It’s fairly simple: you follow their voting record.”

“That’s exactly why I built We Will Decide. You can follow your Representatives and Senators and see what they’re doing with each bill. And by agreeing or disagreeing with each vote, logging your choice into the site, you’ll see at-a-glance how much you actually align with your representatives and their choices. With red and blue graphs to make everything simple, and easy percentages that include votes that your reps attended and missed, it’s real information you can use – based on actual numbers. We Will Decide allows you to become a member of that rare and most influential group: informed voters.”

We Will Decide also provides a complete Representative Index and Quarterly Reviews to keep voters aware of issues as they unfold in Congress, along with direct links to government informational websites and current Executive Orders from the White House.

For more information on current bills, political incumbents, and other voting data, visit We Will Decide to access the limited-time free account offer until May 31.

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Kelly Riordan


SOURCE WeWillDecide.com

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