WeDemandaRecount.Com Launches New Poll on 2020 Presidential Election

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — JMJ Media, LLC announces the launch of WeDemandaRecount.Com which provides articles showing significant problems in the 2020 presidential election and allows the public to participate in a poll regarding the necessity of a recount.

Given the broad media reports of numerous voting issues and potential irregularities, Americans are deeply concerned about the accuracy of vote counts. Many questions whether fraud altered the results and, if so, whether the election is legitimate. 

Since confidence in the voting process is the foundation of a democracy, WeDemandaRecount.Com seeks to understand Americans view on the election process and if recounts should occur.

WeDemandaRecount.Com is not affiliated with any political party platform or political action committee, but provides political and educational information to the public.

While the website endeavors to provide accurate information based on publicly available information, 100% accuracy of the contents cannot be guaranteed. Some information may be opinion, including the opinion of third parties, who may have a particular political ideology and representatives of the website have not scrutinized the information related to the links on the website. The website is not responsible for links to information that contains any inaccuracies.

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