ZeroBiometrics and ROC Announce Strategic Partnership: Joining Forces to Verify and Protect Identities Across the Asia Pacific

Zerobiometrics Integrates ROC’s Facial Recognition and Liveness Technology To Offer Businesses Access to the Most Advanced, Privacy-Preserving Facial Recognition and Liveness Detection Capabilities Available Today

DENVER and SINGAPORE, March 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — ZeroBiometrics, a pioneer in decentralized and privacy-preserving biometric authentication, and ROC, a world leader in computer vision and multimodal biometrics, today announced the successful integration of ROC’s next-generation facial recognition and liveness technology into ZeroBiometric’s highly regarded ZeroPlatform product suite.  

The move allows Asian and Pacific Rim businesses to verify, authenticate, and protect user identities with zero-knowledge proofs, guaranteeing the highest levels of security and identity assurance for financial institutions, government agencies, and beyond. This includes the ability to verify identities without saving any information about what users look like, protecting their data and privacy.

The partnership will enable ZeroBiometric customers to leverage ROC’s NIST-ranked facial recognition, liveness detection, and iBeta Level-2 presentation attack detection (PAD) capabilities, enhancing  ZeroBiometric’s ability to detect fraudulent identities and highly sophisticated spoofing attempts using photos, videos, or even 3D, resin, and latex masks.

According to NIST rankings, ROC is the #1 global face recognition provider in combined accuracy and efficiency.

“We’re thrilled to team up with ZeroBiometrics to deliver the next wave of privacy-first biometric solutions, combining decentralized authentication and the highest levels of encryption with some of the most advanced biometric and anti-spoofing capabilities to date,” said Susan Amick, VP of Business Development, ROC. “This partnership will help more organizations adopt facial recognition responsibly and securely, while nurturing even greater confidence in the identity verification process.”

“Our continued collaboration with ROC underscores our dedication to delivering the most advanced and privacy-centric biometric technology to our customers,” said Alfred Chan, CEO at ZeroBiometrics. “By integrating ROC’s industry-leading technology into our product stack, our customers are assured we are working with reliable and accredited technology allowing us to further innovate a ZKP framework around biometrics to remove large-scale attacks.”

From an industry perspective, this partnership represents an exciting matchup of innovative market leaders. Both companies are committed to developing and deploying ethically driven biometric solutions with a strong focus on data privacy and governance. No doubt, the integration of ROC’s lightning-fast algorithms into ZeroBiometric’s zero-knowledge ecosystem represents a new benchmark for organizations seeking the highest standards of efficiency, accuracy, transparency, and trust.

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Modern biometric authentication does not need to know who you are. Only yesterday’s legacy systems need to encrypt and store face templates, face maps, or personally identifiable information. ZeroBiometrics products are designed from the ground up to preserve biometric privacy.

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As the only American-made multimodal biometrics and computer vision provider, ROC is trusted by the U.S. military, law enforcement, and leading FinTech brands. The company has offices in Denver, CO, Morgantown, WV, and Grand Rapids, MI. ROC multimodal solutions deliver game-changing results with battle-tested reliability across NIST government testing, military applications, and 200M+ annual identity proofing transactions.

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