Tebay-style services plan faces government inquiry

A ‘Tebay-style’ service station planned for a motorway in the north west of England has been delayed after the government called for an inquiry. The plan for Tatton Services on the M56 offers a fuel refilling station;

Government admits misleading Parliament over BBC ‘Triples’ report

The government has admitted misleading Parliament in its response to a BBC report about former Afghan special forces being denied entry to the UK. BBC Panorama reported in February that UK special forces had vetoed resettlement applications from Afghan commandos – known as the “Triples”

What if it’s dangerous to be right when the government is wrong?

What if NSA spying is really done without any warrants? What if this spying captures in real time every keystroke on every computer and hand-held device — as well as the content of every email, text message, telephone call and fiber-optic cable transmission — in