Government inefficiency costs £35bn a year, says ex-minister

The government could save £35bn a year without affecting frontline services by tackling inefficiencies, a former Treasury minister has said. Lord Agnew also said there were 60,000 people in the civil service doing jobs that did not need to be done.

Mexican government considering army-run airline

Mexico’s president said Tuesday his government is analyzing the creation of a state-owned, army-run airline that would fly 10 leased airplanes as well as the former presidential jet. The unusual plan would further boost the army’s increasing economic role in Mexico.

Shellfish deaths: Government to examine toxic chemical study

A minister has said he will “seriously” consider a study that claimed a toxic chemical was more likely to have caused mass shellfish deaths than algae. Fishermen on the North East coast have said their industry has been devastated by large wash-ups of dead crustaceans.