American Human Rights CEO and U.S. Senate Candidate Khaled Salem Advises US Citizens Against Travel to Arab Countries

NEW YORK, May 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Khaled Salem, the popular candidate for U.S. Senate running against Chuck Schumer in 2022, advised his constituents against traveling to Arab countries. He made this recommendation based on growing global personal safety issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Khaled raised serious concerns about international travel in light of rising infections and deaths in Arab nations. Based on the latest global socioeconomic research and rising indicators of excessive poverty, there is a greater possibility of active disease and non-compliance with COVID-19 guidelines in the Arab states than in other regions.

“It is vital that American citizens postpone all travel to Arab countries in the Middle East,” said Khaled. “The coronavirus is rampant, and unfortunately these countries are not as compliant as are many other nations in following pandemic guidelines. I believe that over the next weeks, and probably months, issues caused by the ongoing pandemic of 2020/2021 such as poverty, unemployment, and unequal access to healthcare, along with food scarcity, will add to the instability of the Gulf region. U.S. citizens must stay safe and not make plans to visit this unstable area. Until the leaders of these Middle Eastern countries focus on the chaos in their countries, business travel and tourism are dangerous.”

Khaled also urged the Biden administration to pay close attention to these regions and direct resources toward protecting the State of Israel. His ultimate mission is for nations to work with Israel by ending scourge of Hamas and Hezbollah.Khaled hopes to serve in the U.S. Senate and make a difference in the world.

“Those who trust in the economic system or politics of Turkey are in denial of what is really happening there,” said Khaled Salem. “The existing Turkish regime is an unconstitutional system entirely controlled by President Erdogan and his party. Foreign investment and the Turkish economy will inevitably continue to suffer and collapse if subsequent presidents follow Erdogan’s lead. Arab countries and the EU are opposed to the existing system, while the US and Russian continue their present alliances with a Turkey that keeps its thumb on the necks of its people.”

Khaled is asking the United States Department of State to start, as soon as possible, to make the place of birth optional on U.S. passports to protect dual citizens abroad from discrimination in most international Airports around the world.

Khaled policy positions argue for free university education, Khaled highlighted the irony of the US sending money to countries like Egypt and Middle East, which do provide free university, but whose people tend not to like America.

Khaled asks New York Voters to look not at his religion or where he came from, but rather what he offers to the citizenry in terms of policy.

Some other key policy positions from Mr. Salem’s agenda include:

  • Free university education for American students with a $0 budget from the government to support this plan. 
  • Laws and procedures to reduce domestic violence nationwide.
  • A reduction in U.S. military activity and presence in the Middle East.
  • A policy that requires these regions pay for American military services.
  • Establish a home loan program for middle class single parents with no penalty for credit history.

* Reduce the NY State Sales Tax for six years until the state recovers from COVID-19 economic hardship

Khaled is running in the next general election, scheduled for November 8, 2022. Thirty-four of the Senate’s 100 seats are being contested in these elections.

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SOURCE Khaled Salem American Human Rights Organization CEO and U.S. Senate Candidate