Announcing the Official Launch of Fire Safe Signs Offering Customizable Residential and Commercial Driveway Signs Designed to Assist in Emergencies

SONOMA COUNTY, Calif., March 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In an effort to streamline emergency responses to rural and urban areas during disasters, Fire Safe Signs ( has created customizable driveway signs alerting all emergency responders of constraints and amenities on properties.

The idea for Fire Safe Signs (FSS) came after 4 years of catastrophic fires and floods in Sonoma County, CA.  Sonoma County is known for its beautiful rolling hills, vineyards, and lovely tucked away rural properties. All of which sounds idyllic until an emergency strikes. Long driveways with unknown amenities or constraints at the end inhibit emergency response. 

"Having lived through the 2017 Tubbs fire, and several years of fires since, I felt the need to do something.  In talking with several firefighter friends, they commented on how difficult it was to go to new geographic areas to fight fires when they had no idea about the communities they were helping," said Brant Claussen, Founder of Fire Safe Signs.  "I live on county property, and I have a green sign at the end of my long driveway with my address number, but no other information. I have amenities on my property firefighters can use, but how would they know what I have?  And the idea stemmed from there."

Rural terrain comes with uncertainties and inconsistencies in terms of access during emergencies. With customizable icons every Fire Safe Sign paints a picture of what first responders can expect when pulling into an address. The sign lists the house number, and options for icons that fit the amenities on the property: height and width of driveway clearance; animals present; medical conditions; water resources available (water tanks, swimming pool, lake, pond, etc.). Every Fire Safe Sign order will also include two, easy to peel and remove "evacuated" stickers homeowners can place on their sign upon exit. All signs also have a registration sticker that homeowners will renew yearly to confirm that all amenities or constraints are still on the property, ensuring up-to-date information for first responders. 

"It’s so difficult to send my fire fighters into rural areas when we don’t know the lay of the land. Our priority is safety for our crew and community," said James Bowron, a Battalion Chief in the Bay Area. "When going into rural areas, we send people in on foot or a smaller vehicle down these long driveways to see if our engine can fit, and if there are resources for us once at the property. These signs will prove to be incredibly informative when seconds count. From an emergency perspective, Fire Safe Signs should be standard for all rural properties."

Additionally, Fire Safe Signs is partnering with All Risk Shield (, a leading wildfire protection service that helps commercial and residential owners safeguard their properties.  "Partnering with Fire Safe Signs, simply made sense for our clientele.  An immediate step property owners can take to help improve response times and further protect their homes," said Jon Ganley, CEO of All Risk Shield.

Fire Safe Signs are highly reflective, meet national standards for street sign requirements, are made in the USA, and a portion of the profits support various first responder organizations.

Together We Make Our Community Safe.

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