ASQ Government Division Awards Quality Validation to the National Center for Explosive Training and Research

PHILADELPHIA, May 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The ASQ Government Division conferred its Silver Level Award to the National Center for Explosive Training and Research (NCETR) within the U.S. Department of Justice’s Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF).  The award validates that NCETR was assessed under the ASQ/ANSI G1: Standard for Evaluating the Quality of Government Operations and Services.  This validation reflects NCETR’s use of the G1 Standard’s system and process maturity models to improve its quality management system and services over a period of four years.

The examination was conducted to validate NCETR’s quality management system and the National Response Team’s Forensic Inspection System, which is the investigative response team for complex fire and post-blast related scene investigations.  Their quality management system has been in place for its training programs for at least the past four years, during which they have achieved overall satisfaction levels of at least 80% from response inspection team callouts.

“As one of our initial pilot agencies to adopt and implement the G1 Standard, we appreciate NCETR’s willingness to be a leader in this effort to expand the use of our quality maturity model to enhance the delivery of government services,” said Jarrett Perlow, chair of the ASQ Center for Quality Standards in Government. “We look forward to future collaboration efforts with NCETR as we work to achieve the highest levels of performance in government through the use of recognized quality standards.”

ASQ/ANSI G1:2021 provides the uniform, objective standard by which government entities can develop and confirm the level of sustainable quality of their operations and services.  It provides a concise framework for elected and appointed leaders, government entity staff, and their constituents to know the objective level of maturity of the systems and underlying processes used in the operations and services delivered by the entity.  Government entities that utilize the G1 Standard will have the missing link for implementing quality by supporting quality disciplines like Lean Six Sigma and alignment with fundamental best practice management techniques, like the Baldrige Excellence Framework.

Based in Redstone Arsenal, Alabama, NCETR provides training facilities and services in life-saving advanced explosives and arson training for the nation’s explosives handlers, bomb technicians, criminal investigators, fire investigators, and the military’s explosives ordnance disposal operators.  Its examination preparation team was led by Robert Boland and Wayne Shelton.

The ASQ Government Division is part of ASQ, a global membership association for quality professionals.  The Government Division has more than 1,200 quality and performance improvement professionals from all areas of government, dedicated to its mission to find, develop, and support quality and performance improvement champions in government.

The chair of ASQ’s Government Division, Larry Edwards, presented the Silver Level Award to representatives from NCETR at the 2023 World Conference for Quality Improvement in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on May 7, 2023.

Jarrett Perlow

SOURCE ASQ Center for Quality Standards in Government