California Gubernatorial Candidate Major Williams Pledges to Ban Vaccine Passports if Elected

PASADENA, Calif., May 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Major Williams, a Republican candidate for California Governor says that if elected he will immediately issue executive orders banning any type of vaccine passport in the state.

“Vaccine passports are a total affront to the US Constitution, freedom, and everything it means to be an American. The passports aren’t legally required to be HIPAA-compliant. We cannot allow the government and Big Tech companies to oversee all of our personal information and use it against us. Californians shouldn’t need to show ‘their papers’ to see a ballgame, travel, or do anything else that previous generations have enjoyed. There is no middle ground here,” said Major Williams.

Williams says that all elected officials regardless of what party they are from have a moral obligation to honor the principals in America’s most important document.

“If we don’t have our civil liberties, we don’t have anything. The last thing Californians need is more unchecked government authority infringing up on them. New York tried to implement a vaccine passport called the Excelsior Pass and it was a total disaster. Also, California is making significant progress against COVID-19,” said Williams.

According to the Associated Press, “California has gone from worst to first with the lowest infection rate in the U.S. even as it has moved quickly to reopen more businesses with greater customer counts and allow larger gatherings.” [Citation – ]

In addition to vaccine passports, Williams has pledged to not make any of the COVID-19 vaccines mandatory.

“Within my first 100 days as Governor, those affected by bills like sb276 and sb277 will find comfort knowing I will use all the powers and influence of my office to strike those bills down and protect parents’ choice against mandatory vaccinations. In time we will share more of our comprehensive plan on how we will execute our strategy and plan. It is best to hold our cards close to our chest to ensure what we present can be executed and not prepared for by opposing legislators,” said Williams.

About Major Williams
Major Williams ( ) is an entrepreneur, marketing executive, financial broker, and a Republican candidate for California Governor 2022. For the past ten years, Major has been politically active, engaging in community outreach and speaking at town halls. He ran for Mayor of Pasadena in 2018. Major is also founder of Major Kicks for Kids, a non-profit gifting platform that helps economically disadvantaged kids throughout the US. Williams lives in Pasadena with Aja, his wife of 20 years, and their three sons.  Together, they have contributed countless hours in supporting their community, and are now stepping up to serve the people of California.

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