Congressional Candidate Dan Rodimer to Announce Plan to Stop Illegal Immigration at Texas Border Friday

MANSFIELD, Texas, March 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Republican Congressional candidate Dan Rodimer (TX-06) will be speaking in Laredo, Texas on Friday, March 26, 2021, in an effort to stop illegal immigration and protect the United States’ southern border. He is using his speech to outline his plans to stem the surge of migrants coming across the southern border.

A key policy issue for Rodimer is the ongoing crisis on the southern border. “The safety and security of our country and its citizens is of primary importance to me, and I will do everything I can to make sure that Americans, especially Texans, remain safe and secure from illegal Immigrants.”

“This entire border situation is due to the failed policies of the Biden Administration. We are going to the border this week to show our fellow Americans – and Texans – that we will no longer stand for such egregious actions on our southern border. The people who I will represent in my district need a fighter. I am willing to stand up to the radical left and stand up to Speaker Pelosi when I am elected,” said Rodimer.

The Rodimer campaign partnered with a group named Women Fighting For America to put on the event.

Rodimer will be announcing his solution to the Border Crisis, called the “Angel Act” to write into law a modern border solution based on Trump’s “Remain in Mexico.” It will also prevent cartels from taking advantage of our border and using human trafficking as a revenue source.

“Yesterday, Biden called himself a ‘nice guy’ at the border. There’s nothing ‘nice’ about what he is doing. The Biden administration has created a cash incentive for human traffickers. This needs to stop now. That’s why I’m running for Congress – to protect families,” said Rodimer.

The Rodimer campaign cites the increase in border crossings mandated by Biden in his executive order issued on January 21 that rescinded the “Remain in Mexico” policies or Migrant Protection Protocols that President Trump’s administration had put in place.

“It’s time that we write a border policy into law that puts Americans first. We are pro-legal immigration, and we want people coming to this country that want to build it with us. It’s dangerous to flood the border during a pandemic with illegal immigrants and that’s exactly what Pelosi and Biden are doing,” said Rodimer.

The campaign will further discuss his plan to stop illegal immigration at an event called “Women Fighting for America” being held in Laredo, Texas from 11:00 AM6:00 PM CDT. Rodimer will be speaking at 3 PM CT.

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