Dan Rodimer Announces Surprise Run for Congress in Texas’ 6th District, Cites Personal Ties to Lone Star State As Reason

DALLAS, March 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Republican Big Dan Rodimer has announced his run for Texas’ Congressional District 6 for the May 1 special election to fill the vacant seat of former U.S. Rep. Ron Wright (R-TX). With an hour to go before the deadline, Rodimer, a former professional wrestler and law school graduate, filed in Austin and announced his move to Texas.

“Everything’s bigger in Texas–and you can see the size of me. I’m running because we need to fight to keep our constitutional right-friendly states,” Rodimer said when asked by the Texas Tribune about his filing in Texas. “We need fighters in Texas, and that’s what I’m coming here for.”

Rodimer cites the reason that he is moving to Texas as his children and wanting to make sure the American dream is kept alive for them. He previously lived in Nevada after falling in love and marrying his wife, Sarah. They have six children together.

“I’m moving back to Texas. I have six children and I want them to be raised in a constitutional-friendly state,” Rodimer said.

Dan Rodimer has a long history of living in Texas. He lived in Houston and worked as a homebuilder. He also owned a home in Galveston. He wants to bring his entrepreneurial spirit back to Texas in his newly minted run for Congress and fight for his children’s future.

Texas has always felt like home to me. I loved living in Las Vegas, Nevada with my wife and family, but I felt that now is the time to come back to where my heart is and fight for our country. The other people in this race won’t stand up to Nancy Pelosi in Congress. I will.”

The Rodimer campaign believes that they are uniquely positioned to tackle the issues that are forefront on the minds of Texans, including the growing illegal border crossing situation, helping people recover from the February blackouts, and fully opening up the country after COVID – especially rebuilding the oil and cattle industries that provide thousands of jobs in the district.

“The situation on our southern border of Texas is going to become a massive crisis soon if Joe Biden does not take a stronger stance against illegal immigration! If Democrats care so much about preventing COVID, why are they letting people illegally cross our border that could have the disease and giving them a free pass. It stops with me.”

Rodimer won the Republican primary for Nevada’s 3rd Congressional district in 2020. He broke voting and fundraising records in the district and barely lost to incumbent Rep. Susie Lee. Rodimer previously received the endorsements of President Donald Trump, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Ted Cruz, The National Rifle Association, The National Right to Life Committee, the American Conservative Union, the National Republican Congressional Committee, and Pawn Stars Rick Harrison.

Rodimer graduated from Ave Maria School of Law in 2013. While in law school, he helped found a children’s organization that helps underprivileged children celebrate Christmas. He previously found fame as a member of the cast of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)’s Tough Enough series in 2004 and was given a contract to join the main roster.

For more information on the campaign of Big Dan Rodimer for Congress, you can view his webpage here (https://danrodimer.com/), or you can follow him on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/RodimerForCongress/), Twitter (https://twitter.com/DanRodimer), and Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/rodimerforcongress/)

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