Death by Drowning Continues to Kill Thousands of Americans Yearly – Miracle Swimming School for Adults Warns: ‘Traditional Swimming Lessons Take the Wrong Approach’

‘Knowing how to swim is more than just stroke technique – true water safety starts with comfort and knowing how the water works.’

SARASOTA, Fla., Dec. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Miracle Swimming School for Adults (MSSA) recently highlighted some disturbing CDC statistics* that point to more than 4,000 people who die each year in preventable drowning accidents, eighty percent of whom are adults. Founded by professional competitive swimmer Melon Dash in 1983, MSSA uses a radically different approach to teach people how to swim. MSSA treats swimming instruction as an aquatic mindfulness exercise first – one that stresses comfortability rather than just technical skill. The Miracle Swimming Technique eliminates fear, prevents panic, and trains far safer swimmers – especially students who are afraid of the water.

“We started MSSA 40 years ago with a radical idea,” said Melon Dash. “Learning how to swim is not only about learning swimming strokes. That can come later. You have to start with making people feel happy and comfortable in deep water. Because scared people panic. Scared people drown – even if they’re trained swimmers. But if you teach people how to be calm in deep water, there will be far less cause for drowning. Later they can learn proper strokes if desired. But strokes aren’t necessary for safety.”

Miracle Swimming – Mindfulness Makes Swimming Safer

“We invented the 5 Circles Teaching Method that works for anyone learning how to swim as well as for advanced swimmers. But the program is especially useful for adults and children who are scared in water. Our Core Course system is taught in person. Much can be learned at home.”

·Essentials 1: Healing fear is the foundation of all Miracle Swimming. Learn how the water works while remaining calm and present.

·Essentials SloMo: A shallow-water version of Essentials 1, at times using very shallow water.
·Essentials 2: Take the lessons from Essentials 1 further, including deep water mastery—being happy in deep water.
·Deep Water Play: Become proficient in the deep end, able to find deep objects, play games, swim along the bottom, do tricks, and more.
·Other classes include Ocean 101, Jump Off the Boat, and Advanced Courses that teach stroke technique, snorkeling, SCUBA diving, kayaking, paddleboarding (SUP), boogie boarding, and more.
“What we have discovered about swimming instruction is literally the difference between life and death,” said Melon Dash. “We’ve been telling the major swimming instruction agencies about our method for decades. But unfortunately, they ignore it and continue to teach traditional misinformation on a daily basis. Their approach keeps people from learning to swim due to discouragement and confusion, while also instilling false confidence in faulty swimming “skills.” We teach the exact opposite of what those institutions teach. They say safety comes from strokes. We say strokes come from safety.”

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