Female Led Hammersmith Support Calls on Non-Profits to Apply for its Pro Bono Program

PHOENIX, March 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — For a nonprofit to be successful and fulfill its mission of support, it must have the tools to run like a for-profit business. But the reality is that many nonprofits struggle to meet day-to-day business needs that could help keep them running efficiently and lead to them providing more support for the communities they serve. A manageable website is one of the first requirements for running any nonprofit business.

Staying true to their core value of giving back, Locke and her team formed the Give Back program that allows them to use their skills to help nonprofits that have the desire to provide for those in need. The Give Back Program consists of selecting a nonprofit organization through an application process to support for the next year with Hammersmith’s maintenance services pro bono.

“We know that for many non-profits, lack of funding can make it difficult to afford even the most basic necessities needed to run successfully,” says Heather Locke, owner of Hammersmith Support. “The core value of our company is to give back, and we would like to give back to an organization that has continued to provide for those in need. We are excited to share our skills and services with two non-profits in 2023.”

This year, two nonprofits will be selected from Arizona and Tennessee. This project aims to do the most for the communities it serves. Any charitable organizations with an approved 501(c3 and an existing WordPress website are eligible to apply through March 17, 2023, at https://hammersmithsupport.com/2023/02/be-our-next-nonprofit-pro-bono-client/.

Valued at $4,000, here is what is included for one year of Hammersmith Support maintenance.

  • Site backups and live staging copy maintained
  • Security scans and malware prevention
  • Site optimization
  • Entire site test each month
  • Submission to Google Search Console 
  • 24 hours of development to get your site spruced up — content updates, update images, wording, service packages, About Us pages, add or update donation forms, etc. This time can also be used to add additional features to your site.
  • An accessibility tool that ensures the website is compliant and allows users to change the view of the page to accommodate disabilities.

About Hammersmith Support:
Heather Locke founded Hammersmith Support (hammersmithsupport.com), a certified woman-owned technology company based in Phoenix, Arizona, and Nashville, Tennessee, to provide web maintenance and help clients enhance their web presence. As a designer and developer, Locke and her team can provide website development from start to finish. We specialize in designing, developing, maintaining, and hosting custom-designed WordPress websites.  One of the foundational aspects of Hammersmith Support is to give back to the community. A supported community is happy, and we strive to do our part. Throughout the year, Hammersmith volunteers our time and organizes donations for various local charities. The pro bono Give Back Project is another way we serve our community by helping nonprofits with what is often a significant expense, headache, or overlooked area of their organization—their websites.

Ashlee Singleton


SOURCE Hammersmith Support