Justice For Frank: It Could Happen to Anyone

Justice For Frank announces renewed initiative to keep brutal killer Angelo Pavageau in prison in preparation for his upcoming parole hearing on April 25, 2023.

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Late on the evening of April 18, 1974, a deranged killer, Angelo Pavageau, broke in to the Potrero Hill home of Frank and Annette Carlson, and committed what is still regarded as one of the most brutal and violent crimes in the history of the city. While Pavageau was originally sentenced to death, in 1976, the sentence was reduced to life in prison with parole when the Supreme Court determined the death penalty to be unconstitutional. Now, 49 years later, the killer is being considered for release at his 18th parole hearing on April 25 at 8:30 AM, even though no decision makers were involved in the sentence reduction.

In 1980, the Carlson family began the painful process of attending hearings to determine the suitability of Pavageau for release. These hearings occur, on average, every three years. When the state of California re-implemented the death penalty, Pavageau’s sentence was not changed. He and 66 other convicted death row inmates evaded their original sentence.

The high-profile crime has been the topic of recent media, including “The Stranger Next Door” episode of the SKY TV series ‘How I Caught The Killer.’ The story also features prominently in the new autobiography of the lead detective in the case, ‘SF Homicide Detective Frank Falzon, 5-Henry-7,’ who still regards the Carlson murder as one of the most brutal of his career.

Now, Frank Carlson’s brother, Eric Carlson, is leading the drive to ensure Pavageau remains incarcerated. His initiative, Justice For Frank is described at the website justiceforfrank.org.


Learn more about Frank Carlson at https://www.justiceforfrank.org/


Justice For Frank is spearheaded by Eric Carlson, younger brother of Frank Carlson, whose life was forever altered by the heinous murder of his older brother. For almost 50 years, he and his family have borne witness to the horrors of Frank’s murder, and have done their part to remind the California State Board of Parole about the consequences of this crime and its lasting effect on society. Until the end of their days, Eric and Frank’s parents were forced to relive this event at each hearing. Now, Eric is continuing this painful, unending quest to see that justice is done. His mission in creating Justice For Frank is to provide awareness and build support for victim’s rights and ensure that the justice system acts in the best interest of the public, protecting family members and providing peace of mind for years to come.

Eric Carlson was born in San Francisco and is a graduate of Stanford University.  He and his wife currently reside in San Juan Capistrano.


Justice For Frank is dedicated to the memory of Frank Carlson, who was viciously beaten and killed by Angelo Pavageau in 1974.

It is also dedicated to the memory of Betty and Sten Carlson, who fought tirelessly to seek and preserve justice for Frank and his wife in keeping Pavageau behind bars forever.

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