Major Development in Florida Congressional District 24

MIAMI, Sept. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Long-time community icon Lavern Spicer and recently poll-surging female African-American conservative candidate in South Florida’s 24th US Congressional District where the 2020 US Presidential Debate is scheduled to occur on October 15th, announces major political movement leaders are descending on Miami on Saturday September 12th, 2020 at 10:00 AM to clean up the district after of years of neglect by liberal incumbent congresswoman Federica Wilson who is being forced to retire after her upcoming election loss this November.  This clean-up effort is being spearheaded by Lavern Spicer and former democrat turned conservative activist Scott Pressler, who made national headlines in recent months with other multi-state clean-up efforts.  For further details on the location and Lavern Spicer navigate to for more information on the event.  This event is already planned to be joined by members of the community supporting Republican Congressional Candidate Lavern Spicer that are Democrat, Republican, and Independent inclusive of other African American pillars of the community, Democrat former Florida House 108 member Roy Hardemon, and Independent Candidate for Miami Dade County Clerk, Rubin Young.

For over 20 years, inclusive of when 9/11 tragically occurred and through-out the 2008 financial crisis where many businesses struggled to survive, Lavern Spicer has been a minority small business woman who met those challenges to stay afloat during the tough times and in tandem with running a small business, also ran one of South Florida’s community support organization’s Curley’s House Food Bank. 

Recently during the Corona Virus pandemic, Lavern Spicer has been a beacon of hope as families struggled with job loss, health issues, and more and Lavern and her team answered god’s call to work even harder to serve all the needy in the South Florida area not caring about a person’s political party and in recent media appearances Lavern spotlighted the need to return to an age when people came together to fight for our country, the community, respect the first responders (police, fireman, health care workers, and more) and stop socialist rhetoric where people are trying to promote political divide for their own self-interests instead of what is best for all citizens.

Through Lavern’s efforts at the food bank over the last 20 years she has served and provided in excess of over 1 Million food items to the needy but in contrast the soon to retire congresswoman Frederica Wilson a career politician has only served herself and her fat-cat wealthy friends.  Case in point, one of the first acts the current congresswoman Wilson did in congress was push for legislation that allowed her to wear a costume on the floor of congress on a daily basis as a priority instead of helping the community.

The effort on Saturday, September 12, 2020 is a clear reflection of Lavern Spicer’s capability to garner support both nationally and locally across voters of all political party affiliations.  A vote for Spicer is definitely nicer!  For media contacts or booking contact Lavern Spicer at 1-866-577-4237 or

SOURCE Lavern Spicer for Congress FL District 24

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