NY U.S. Senate Candidate Khaled Salem Combats Hamas and Hezbollah Global Terrorism

NEW YORK, Aug. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — CEO of American Human Rights Organization and candidate for U.S. Senate against incumbent Chuck Schumer in 2022, Khaled Salem, said today, in the strongest terms, "Fight back against Hamas and Hezbollah. Call out Iran as the ‘heinous pimp’ of global terrorism." Salem points out that President Biden, the UN, NATO and the State of Israel have tangible proof of Iran’s funding of terrorism, long-range missiles and focused development of nuclear warheads. Iran’s "Islamo-Nazis," labeled by Middle East scholar, Mark Langfan, "espouse genocidal, anti-Semitic vitriol intended to destroy Israeli Jews."

Global hate groups sponsored by Iran, Turkey and many Arab nations support the use of "a one nuke solution" to be exploded in Tel Aviv. "If one nuclear warhead hits Tel Aviv, 50% of the Israeli Jewish population will die," said Salem. He continued, "Iran advocates its intent to murder millions of Jews and is trying to ‘finish the job’ that Hitler started."

Domestic Drug Tragedy

"The United States is mired in a substance abuse and overdose epidemic," said CEO of American Human Rights Organization and U.S. Senate Candidate, Khaled Salem. "Tobacco and alcohol are addictive. Now marijuana is legal in most states. America is way past ‘Just Say No,’ we are in a fight for our children and loved ones."

The rise in opioid addiction is directly related to drug companies such as Purdue Pharma illegally pushing oxycodone to medical practitioners. When patients run out of prescriptions, they often resort to "roaming the streets" to find a substitute pill or heroin. "We see Methamphetamine (ICE) ‘taking down’ some of the most vulnerable people who live in poor, at-risk populations."

Salem continued, "With more than 93,000 dead from a drug overdose in 2020, a rise of 30% more deaths since 2019 is directly related to one of most alarming trends in NY and other states, the drug, fentanyl. The synthetic opioid made in illegal labs,is responsible for a huge rise in overdose deaths, as drug dealers "mix fentanyl with other drugs, such as cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine and MDMA.’ The mix is known as a "cheap high" but can immediately lead to overdose. This is particularly common in teenagers and young adults who feel impervious to any consequences, but they die, quickly." Many U.S. high schools have had to cope with student overdoses.

Khaled Salem is positioning himself to unseat four-term incumbent Chuck Schumer in the next general election, which is scheduled for November 8, 2022. Thirty-four of the Senate’s 100 seats are being contested in this election.

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