Politics of Hate – Motives for Murder & Desecration of U.S. Capitol

DALLAS, Jan. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Justice Facts Podcast released the “Politics of Hate” episode featuring a redeemed militia leader who came close to carrying out one of the nation’s deadliest attacks by right-wing extremists.

The podcast is both shocking and informative about the potential for violence in the wake of the January 6th attack on the U.S. Capitol, a world symbol of Democracy.

Former federal prosecutor William Johnston and Peabody award-winning investigative reporter Robert Riggs interview Kerry Noble, one of the founders of the Covenant, Sword, and the Arm of the Lord (CSA). Noble is the author of Tabernacle of Hate: Seduction into Right-Wing Extremism, which provides a first-person account of how a religious group transformed into a domestic terrorist organization.

Noble warns that the same delusional mindset is at work among both right and left wing extremists threatening more violence before and after the presidential inauguration. “I think there are tens of thousands of people who are close to crossing the line Especially, disaffected young single white men who are dissatisfied with their lives and are seeking someone else to blame,” said Noble.

The CSA was a combination paramilitary white supremacist group and a religious cult that engaged in an April 1985 standoff with hundreds of state and federal agents at its Ozark mountain compound in northwest Arkansas.

Riggs and Johnston express concern that January 6th may become the new rallying cry for extremists. April 19, 1993, marked the fiery end to the 51-day Branch Davidian siege in Waco, and extremists retaliated on April 19th, 1995, with the deadly bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City.  Riggs covered the siege, bombing, and militia movement. Johnston prosecuted surviving Davidians for the murder of federal ATF agents and prepared the original search warrant for the weapons raid.

Noble, now a Christian minister, says extremists may be motivated to believe they can make their name in history as the founding father of the Second American Revolution.

If you are trying to come to grips with why seemingly ordinary citizens choose to follow a path to violence at the U.S. Capitol, Johnston and Riggs offer insight in “The Politics of Hate” Episode 11 of the Justice Facts Podcast. Click here to SUBSCRIBE.

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